"Unifying celebrities and independent artists on one platform, The Indie Post Magazine!"

Phillip Brandon

THE INDIE POST MAGAZINE | Phillip Bradon July 20, 2024 ISSUE VOL. 5 Paperback  | THE INDIE SPOTLIGHT COVERS | Phillip Brandon, An Exceptional Vocalist and TV Actor, Is Making a Leap from Chart-Topping Hits and Broadway Tour Triumphs to a New Single Release! This Multifaceted Musical Storyteller Is on The Path to Major Success!   READ INTERVIEW 

THE INDIE POST MAGAZINE | June Kuramoto July 15, 2024 ISSUE VOL. 3 Paperback  | THE INDIE SPOTLIGHT COVERS | June Kuramoto, The Innovative Koto Master of Hiroshima, Pushes the Boundaries of Traditional Koto Music with Her Fusion Revolution, Making the Koto Extraordinary and Captivating Audiences Worldwide!    READ INTERVIEW 

June Kuramoto of Hiroshima
The Legacy Chef Vincent Moore The Indie Post Magazine

(The Legency Chef)

THE INDIE POST | VINCENT MOORE (THE LEGACY CHEF) | MARCH 15, 2024 ISSUE VOL. 2  | THE INDIE SUB-SPOTLIGHT COVERS | The Legacy Chef, Vincent Moore Brings His Authentic New Orleans Heritage Style Soul Food to a Whole New Level of Organic, Delicious Goodness! READ INTERVIEW 

Former issue: VALERIE LENDORE | VALERIE LENORE | THEATRE & DANCE: From Celebrity Backing Dancer to Choreographer in Demand. UK Dancer, Valerie Lendore Triumphs Despite Adversity!  READ INTERVIEW 

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What is The Indie Post Magazine?

 The Indie Post Magazine is a US/UK-based global print| celebrity & independent artists entertainment print magazine located in the United States/ UK available in multiple formats. The Indie Post Magazine is primarily a print magazine (soft magazine and hardback book formats) that is also available online in digital (e-book), audio, and online blog formats. The Indie Post Magazine is also one of the top African-American-owned magazine companies in the US and UK featuring interviews including extraordinary achievements of all races worldwide. Were "Unifying celebrities and independent artists on one platform, The Indie Post Magazine!"

Who's Featured in The Indie Post Magazine?

 As a premier magazine, we feature biopic interviews with some of the world's most notable celebrities, public figures, and talented independent artists worldwide. Our magazine aims to showcase the extraordinary achievements of individuals in the entertainment industry and their journeys, including the ups and downs they encountered. Their compelling stories give readers a realistic and honest view of what it takes to succeed in this industry.

 We feature interviews with celebrities, independent artists, and entrepreneurs who excel in various fields, such as music, film, theatre, broadway, fashion, dramatic arts, dance, television, and business. 

What Type Of Content Is In The Indie Post Magazine?

The Indie Post Magazine is a top African-American-owned magazine company in the US and UK, featuring interviews with extraordinary achievers of all races worldwide. commitment to publishing family-friendly content ensures readers of all ages can enjoy our articles. 

Where Can I buy The Indie Post Magazine?

The Indie Post Magazine publication is available through major global distribution channels, including Amazon and Barnes & Noble, and we also offer online articles for our readers.

Who Owns The Indie Post Magazine?

The Indie Post Magazine was founded, and established by Gina Sedman in 2018. Gina Sedman is the President and CEO of The Indie Post Magazine, which is a subsidiary and partner company of GNA Universal Media. This media house includes other partnering companies such as Indie Soul Radio, NDME TV, and Gico Music. Additionally, Gina Sedman serves as the Head Editor for The Indie Post Magazine Publication.

Gina Sedman GNA Universal Media CEO/President, (The Indie Post Magazine) Founder, Owner & Editor-in-Chief. As the Content Writer, Interviewer, and Journalist, Gina Sedman is the sole creator of all websites and designs each magazine, including the digital art covers for all publications.

How To Contact The Indie Post Magazine?

To Contact/Advertise with The Indie Post Magazine email us at or 

call 1 (760) 678-5815

Privacy Policy & Terms of Use

Gina Sedman is the CEO/Founder/Owner/ President, Head Editor & Publisher of her own Celeb & Independent Entertainment magazine, with worldwide distribution. The magazine is available in print and eBook form on Amazon, Amazon Unlimited, Barnes and Noble, and many other bookstores Worldwide.  

As owner/ founder of The Indie Post Magazine, writer and journalist, Gina Sedman has interviewed a variety of people, both A-listers and independents, for her magazine, The Indie Post Magazine, Grammy, NAACP, MTV & BET Award-winning A-List celebrities, and many notable entertainment industry artists in film, music, and independent businesses. Her interview credits 

Artist Interviewed & Biopic Interviews Written by: Gina Sedman

- Aaron Akins

- Alan Delabie

- Alena Analeigh

- Allen Parr

- Anthony Hamilton

- Aurora Lewis

- Bella Maori

- Beth Griffith Manley (The Voice/Kem, and Najee & former background singer for Anita Baker)

- Bobby Rush

- Bonita Burney Simmons

- Brenda Russell

- Brian Harwood

- Charles D. Clark (Actor, Harriet, Empire)

- Chase Huna

- Christian de Mesones (Music & Me)

- Christian Keyes (Actor & Movie Producer)

- Claudio Corona (UK Hammond organist)

- Con Funk Shun (Felton Pilate)

- Congfusion

- Crutchfield Jones

- Darrin Henson (Award winning Film & TV Actor/ Choreographer, The Family Business, Stomp The Yard, Soul Food, MTV Award Winning Choreographer)

- Dee Harris

- Desirae Benson (publicist)

- Desire Benson

- Desreta Jackson (The Color Purple)

- Desmond Parson (Entertainment)

- Devon Howard (Entertainment)

- Dominique Hammons

- Doug E. Fresh

- Dr. Robert Jamison

- Eddie Levert (The OJays)

- Eric Darius

- Eric Nolan (The OJay's)

- Erisa Nicole

- Frank McComb

- Gary Palmer

- Georgie B

- Gerald Albright

- Gina Sedman

- Glenn Jones

- Glynis Albright (The Waffle Queen)

- Grammy award-winning vocalist, Lisa Fischer

- H'Atina Tacara Wyvette Wilson (BA&P)

- Hailey Newman (Country Pop Rock Singer)

- Haley Taylor Schlitz

- Hans-Peter de Zeeuw

- Harriet O'Kelley Legends

- Hi-Five

- Howard Hewitt

- Jacinth (Music & Me)

- Jackie Joyner

- Jakiem Joyner (- Smooth Jazz Artist)

- Jason Shand

- Jaunita Wynn

- Jay Hayden

- Jennifer Holliday (The Dreamgirls)

- Jewelle Blackman (Broadway "Hadestown" actress)

- Joanna Blakes

- Joe Jennings Jr.

- John Armato

- Jonathan Butler

- Juan Escovedo

- June Kuramoto (Hiroshima)

- Kartier Conway (Tap Dancer)

- Karyn White

- Keith Robinson (- Dreamgirls movie actor)

- Keith Washington (The Black Hamptons, Family Business & A House Divided Actor, Wiliam Johnson)

- Kenny Lattimore

- Kevin Flournoy

- Khadija Kahiem

- Khaeem B. Yisrael

- Larry D Dodson (The BarKays)

- Lance Vantile Whitfield

- Latoya London

- Lena Mingo

- Lenny Williams (Tower of Power)

- Levelle

- Linda Tavani (Peaches & Herb)

- LisaRaye McCoy (Actress)

- Lizz Springer (business analyst)

- Lori Williams (Jazz singer)

- Lou Gossett Jr. (Oscar Award Winning Actor)

- Malo

- Margo Thunder

- Marilyn Scott

- Marqueal Jordan

- Marvin Dexter

- Melba Moore

- Meli'sa Morgan

- Melvin Riley (Founder & lead singer of Ready For The World)

- Miki Howard

- Miriam Nubnqueen Graham

- DJ Mogsy

- Mracus Lantero

- MT Jones

- Najee

- Narci Rodriguez da trio

- Narisha

- Nicole Cummings

- Nikea Marie Packet

- Norman Golden III

- Ola Onabule

- Oleta Adams

- Omar Wilson

- Patrick Leonard (renowned songwriter/producer)

- Paul Anthony (Full Force)

- Paulette Jackson

- Phil Perry

- Randy Hall

- Ray Lewis

- Richard Shaw

- Rob Morrison

- Robert Kool Bell (Kool & The Gang)

- Robert Owens (Jay Ross)

- Rodrick Harper

- Roger Hill

- Ronnee Martin (America's Got Talent)

- Ruff Endz

- Sam Rucker (Entertainment)

- Samuel L. Thompson III

- Sergio

- Sharon Rae North (Music & Me)

- Sherree Patrice (Music & Me)

- Shirley Murdock

- Shy Speaks

- Sir Charles Jones

- SpellBound

- Stephanie Spruill

- Steven Russell Hart (Troop)

- Tamika Scott

- Terri Green

- Terrie Rimson (Music & Me)

- Terry J Harris (Music & Me)

- The Critics

- The Cross Family of Ft. Lauderdale Florida

- Ray Lewis (The Drifters Lead Singer, former)

- The Whispers

- Tiago

- Toni Green

- Tony Exum

- Tony Walk

- Torri "Shonuff "Nelson (Female 13X World Boxing Champion/ Inducted into the female world champion hall of fame)

- Troop

- Victory Brinker (NAACP Nominee (Award Winning Filmmaker) Aurora Threats, (America's Got Talent contestant & Guinness Book of World Records inductee, Young Opera singer)

- Walter Williams (The OJays)

- Wendy Moten

- William Demps

- William J Johnson

- Yancyy (Saxophonist)

- Yolonda Charles (- UK Bassist)

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