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The Indie Post Magazine is now accepting Press Releases. To submit a press release for consideration, email us your press released in a  word doc or pdf file. 

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The Indie Post Magazine is a publication that aims to promote the accomplishments of independent brands in global communities. It is a subsidiary of GNA Universal Media, a brand advertising company that offers various advertising options. Our magazine provides many interesting articles catering to a diverse audience with varying interests.

We have a robust online readership, and our content is available online, in print, and digitally through our global distribution partners, including Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and other platforms.

Are you an independent brand? We can help. Regardless of your size or budget, we offer the perfect advertising package to suit your needs. Understanding the financial challenges independent brands face, we strive to provide affordable online advertisements for both new and emerging businesses and established ones. Contact us today to inquire about our brand advertisement packages. Please Email Us at  for rates. We can help provide a platform for your brand to sparkle! 

Are you a talent agency, or publicist, and you would like, The Indie Post to consider your client for an interview, please email your EPK to us.

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