"Unifying celebrities and independent artists on one platform, The Indie Post Magazine!"

Eric Night Smooth Jazz Saxophonist The Indie Post Magazine


THE INDIE POST | ERIC KNIGHT | FEBRUARY 25, 2024 ISSUE VOL. 3 Paperback  | THE INDIE SPOTLIGHT COVERS | Eric Knight, a highly skilled saxophonist, brings a unique And Innovative Approach To instrumental Pop/R&B Music Through His Latest Album, Cover 2 Cover - Vol. 1      READ INTERVIEW 

Former issue:Kevin Flournoy| February 15, 2024 ISSUE VOL. 1 Paperback  | THE INDIE SPOTLIGHT COVERS |After 30 Years in The Music Industry, Kevin Flournoy, a Writer, Pianist, Composer, and Producer, is Now Taking His Music to The Next Level with His New Single, "Tell Me If You Still Care," Featuring Phil Perry & Shannon Pearson!    READ INTERVIEW 

Kevin Flournoy Composser The Indie Post Magazine
Liz Springer The Indie Post Magazine

THE INDIE POST | LIZ J. SPRINGER | JANUARY 15, 2024 ISSUE VOL. 2 Paperback  | THE INDIE SUB-SPOTLIGHT COVERS | Liz J. Springer, a leading business strategist and owner of Best Minds TV, advises entrepreneurs Just Do It! READ INTERVIEW 

Former issue: VALERIE LENDORE | VALERIE LENORE | THEATRE & DANCE: From Celebrity Backing Dancer to Choreographer in Demand. UK Dancer, Valerie Lendore Triumphs Despite Adversity!  READ INTERVIEW 

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What is The Indie Post Magazine?

 The Indie Post Magazine is a US/UK-based global print| celebrity & independent artists entertainment print magazine located in the United States/ UK available in multiple formats. The Indie Post Magazine is primarily a print magazine (soft magazine and hardback book formats) that is also available online in digital (e-book), audio, and online blog formats. The Indie Post Magazine is also one of the top African-American-owned magazine companies in the US and UK featuring interviews including extraordinary achievements of all races worldwide. Were "Unifying celebrities and independent artists on one platform, The Indie Post Magazine!"

Who's Featured in The Indie Post Magazine?

 As a premier magazine, we feature biopic interviews with some of the world's most notable celebrities, public figures, and talented independent artists worldwide. Our magazine aims to showcase the extraordinary achievements of individuals in the entertainment industry and their journeys, including the ups and downs they encountered. Their compelling stories give readers a realistic and honest view of what it takes to succeed in this industry.

 We feature interviews with celebrities, independent artists, and entrepreneurs who excel in various fields, such as music, film, theatre, broadway, fashion, dramatic arts, dance, television, and business. 

What Type Of Content Is In The Indie Post Magazine?

The Indie Post Magazine is a top African-American-owned magazine company in the US and UK, featuring interviews with extraordinary achievers of all races worldwide. commitment to publishing family-friendly content ensures readers of all ages can enjoy our articles. 

Where Can I buy The Indie Post Magazine?

The Indie Post Magazine publication is available through major global distribution channels, including Amazon and Barnes & Noble, and we also offer online articles for our readers.

Who Owns The Indie Post Magazine?

The Indie Post Magazine was founded, and established by Gina Sedman in 2018. Gina Sedman is the President and CEO of The Indie Post Magazine, which is a subsidiary and partner company of GNA Universal Media. This media house includes other partnering companies such as Indie Soul Radio, NDME TV, and Gico Music. Additionally, Gina Sedman serves as the Head Editor for The Indie Post Magazine Publication.

Gina Sedman GNA Universal Media CEO/President, (The Indie Post Magazine) Founder, Owner & Editor-in-Chief. As the Content Writer, Interviewer, and Journalist, Gina Sedman is the sole creator of all websites and designs each magazine, including the digital art covers for all publications.

How To Contact The Indie Post Magazine?

To Contact/Advertise with The Indie Post Magazine email us at or 

call 1 (760) 678-5815

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