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The Legacy Chef, Vincent Moore Brings His Authentic New Orleans Heritage Style Soul Food to a Whole New Level of Organic, Delicious Goodness!   

Interview by: Gina Sedman 

Vincent Moore, the renowned chef, is highly sought after and unmatched in his culinary skills. With immense pride in his craft, Mr. Moore has not only delighted people's palates but also won over their affections with his delectable Southern homestyle cuisine. Believe me, you have never tasted Shrimp and Grits quite like the ones prepared by Vincent. They flawlessly embody the essence of a chef who possesses a genuine understanding of how to artfully blend various spices and flavors, resulting in an unparalleled cuisine experience. Every dish he crafts is infused with love and an extensive expertise in food.  

He is an exceptional chef whose presence at any event guarantees a sold-out crowd! Recently, he hosted a highly sought-after food and wine pairing event at Michigan's largest winery, which was completely booked. His expertise lies in the realm of southern culinary mastery, where he skillfully combines traditional recipes passed down through generations with innovative dishes infused with unique libations, all while setting the mood with soulful jams. In addition to his culinary prowess, he has also created online video recipes that provide a healthier twist and are easily accessible for anyone to recreate in the comfort of their own home, allowing them to create their own cherished family traditions. I had the privilege of conversing with this remarkable chef, and he graciously shared his insights with me. 


Hi Vincent, how are you? Hi Gina. I’m great! 

It is lovely to have you here. Thank you so much. It is an honor. No, thank you so much.   

It's my pleasure. May I ask where you are currently residing? Well, I live in Ohio. The biggest city closest to me is Toledo. OH, but I am in the suburbs, Sylvania, OH, where all the golf courses are. 

Awesome! Sounds like a beautiful place to live. So, tell me, Vincent, how did you come up with the name "The Legacy Chef?" The name was an obvious choice for me as it was passed down from my family. I inherited my passion for cooking and being a chef from my ancestors. As I pondered what kind of chef I was, the name made perfect sense and was a fitting label. The two words were combined, and the stamp was placed on me. Therefore, it became my identity. That's all I have to say. (laughs) 

Okay, so I have a question for you. When you were a child, did you have one of those little cooking toys with plastic steaks and a tiny oven? I ask this because I believe that we all have natural inclinations and talents that are evident even in childhood. Did your parents see this in you and buy you one of those toy ovens and plastic food to play with? I'm going to share a confession from my past. Back in the day, the girls had these little oven things they would play with, and I walked by and smelled something delicious coming from it. I asked if I could join in, but they said no because I was a boy. I explained to them that I loved food like they did, so they finally let me join in. After that, I thought, this is fun! Although I was only a toddler, this was the beginning of my love of cooking.   

When I was around seven years old, I became a bit of a troublemaker and needed to be disciplined. My mother would always give me a choice for my punishment. I had to either sit quietly with her to watch soap operas or help her in the kitchen. So, I always chose to help her in the kitchen because I enjoyed it. (laughs) 

That’s hilarious! I don't blame you! Watching soap operas is boring! I would have chosen to cook too. Of course, I didn't just tell my mother I wanted to cook because she would have thought it was too easy. So, I acted like I didn't want to do it, saying things like 'Do I have to do it?' While secretly feeling excited about the idea. This is how my interest in the culinary arts started, with doing all the prep work in the kitchen with my mom. And then came the stories. 

Awesome! In what ways has your New Orleans culture influenced your career as a chef? I was born into a family of chefs, but I didn't realize it until family reunions, where the culinary aspects of food and family were always discussed. Underneath all that was faith in God, family, and in your abilities. Not everyone in the family had a culinary gift, but those who did were recognized and became gatekeepers. The older chefs in the family would mentor and teach you little things along the way, no matter how young you were. They would say, 'Oh, you got that!' And that became the beginning of my legacy. 

I was unaware that it had already been handed over to me at that time. You didn't attend school to learn how to do it; you were born into it and surrounded by it. At some point, you developed an interest and made it your own. 


Thank you for sharing that with me, Vincent. I would love to know which type of cuisines you specialize in and what sets your food apart from other chefs. I've gained a wealth of knowledge on not only creating delicious soul foods but also preparing healthy organic dishes. Growing up, my mom took on the challenge of recreating various meals due to my dad's health issues, and she passed on those techniques to me as well. She taught me not only how to cook organically but also how to make the food taste incredibly good while still being healthy.  

In my family, we have certain ingredients in our soul food dishes that may not be the healthiest, but they sure do taste amazing. That's why I encourage people to try the food without revealing its contents. They take a bite and exclaim, "Wow, this is fantastic! It's even better than what I usually eat."  

When I finally disclose the ingredients, they're astonished! And guess what? They want another serving. I've shown them a whole new way of enjoying the foods they love but in a healthier manner. 

My mom had always said, "It's actually very good for you." That became the foundation for my journey into exploring organic cooking styles and discovering different types of food that are both nutritious and delicious. And that's how it all began. I owe the success of my culinary skills to my mom, who taught me this wonderful method of cooking. 

Certainly, it is evident that you take pride in preparing delicious meals using organic ingredients. I personally transitioned to a pescatarian diet due to health issues, but as a person of African descent, I understand the cultural significance of certain foods, such as soul food. I had to learn how to capture those flavors in a healthier way. I am interested in knowing what you believe your responsibility as a chef is in reversing these unhealthy eating habits. What is your perspective on this matter? I'm delighted that you asked that question because it has a significant role. Each person has their own unique memories of the food they grew up eating, what they enjoy now, and who taught them to eat in that particular way. It's a fundamental part of black culture.  

While some individuals may be resistant to change when it comes to their family recipes, I have a message for those who are set in their ways. I would say, "I'm going make this recipe not only taste just as good; if not even better, but also healthy."    

Then, I encourage them to give it a try.  As black people, we often ask before eating something healthy "What's in it?" When I get asked this; I would respond with a playful "You'll find out"; and if you enjoy the taste, then I would reveal the ingredients. Usually out of curiosity; they will have a taste of it.   

For me, the first step is to get them to try my food. Once they volunteer to ask how I made it, it's usually a good sign. Sometimes, I would say, "That's a family secret. I can't show you that, but I can give you the basics." (Laughs) That's where it all begins.  

After overcoming that initial hurdle, they often become curious about me personally. Some people become intrigued and want to know even more about my personal story. I would then share how my father's battle with diabetes and other blood-related issues influenced our food choices, which were both delicious and healthy. I love to create nourishing dishes that not only satisfy your soul but also uplift your spirit.  

By preparing these soulful foods, I foster strong family connections and preserve cultural traditions. As people discover these unique qualities, they become more willing to give it a try, exploring healthy culinary ways to eat. 


Vincent, it is possible that God has bestowed upon you a divine calling. Perhaps you are destined to prepare meals for individuals who are consuming food in manners that are detrimental to their well-being and guide them towards healthier and more delectable alternatives. This could very well be a unique talent that God has blessed you with. Yes, I believe so!  Throughout history, African Americans have been the creators of numerous remarkable things. Whether it's through their singing, artistic abilities, or inventions, they have made significant contributions.  

Growing up in the South, I was surrounded by a rich and vibrant creative community filled with talented individuals. 


One of the teachings I received in church was that God has bestowed each person with a unique and special talent. This means that no one else possesses the exact same gift as you.  


These principles were ingrained in our upbringing, and I strongly believe that our faith plays a crucial role in determining how we utilize our talents. You are absolutely right in saying that our culture is deeply rooted in faith and the gifts bestowed upon us by God, and it is important for us to use them wisely.  

Personally, it took me some time to fully understand this concept. I struggled for years because I had been blessed with multiple talents, and I felt the need to choose just one as a career path. However, I eventually realized that this way of thinking was flawed. 


I came to understand that I had been given all these talents for a reason, and it was my responsibility to utilize them in a positive manner.  This is the message I share with many people. Even though others may sometimes suggest that I should focus on one talent, I respond by asking, "Why can't I pursue them all?"  

Ultimately, I believe that God will guide me toward the path I should take. This is the approach I have adopted in my own life, and it is what I encourage my family, cousins, and everyone else to do as well. I genuinely enjoy meeting new people and discovering their unique talents and gifts. Speaking of which, I must say that I am truly amazed by your incredible talent! I had the opportunity to read about you, and I feel incredibly blessed to be speaking with someone as talented as you. 


Vincent, I give God all the glory, praise, and honor for everything He has accomplished in my life. Without Him, I would not have achieved anything. I sincerely appreciate your kind words. Now, let me inquire about something that has been on my mind. Sometimes, when I am dining out, especially in the UK, the servers are highly attentive to people's allergies. They ask about any dietary restrictions or allergies upon seating and provide a separate menu. They won't even allow you to consume something if it contains ingredients you are allergic to, such as dairy. As a chef, do you ever feel the weight of responsibility in ensuring customers do not accidentally consume something they are allergic to? 

Being a chef comes with great responsibility, especially considering the frequency of lawsuits related to food allergies. How do you handle this when you organize events or when you are dining out? How do you safeguard yourself from potential lawsuits arising from dietary issues that customers may encounter while eating in general? That's an excellent question! Many chefs often overlook these aspects, but I make sure to consider them due to my background. Additionally, I have to be cautious about chocolate since I cannot consume it myself.  It's interesting how some people find it puzzling that I can still cook with chocolate, but it wasn't always the case. I had to work hard to reach this point.  

Because I understand these considerations, I am sensitive to them. Therefore, whenever I have to cook for people, whether it's a private event, one-on-one, or with families, I usually ask the host to inform their guests about any dietary restrictions or aversions they may have. This way, I can prepare accordingly.  

When people inquire about the food I will be preparing, I usually respond with, "I will reveal it on the day of the event." The reason behind this is that when I cook for people, it is a collaborative experience. I want each person to feel like a cherished family member. I have been to places where they include chocolate in certain recipes, which I cannot have.  

That's why I want each person to know that I have taken the time to accommodate their needs. I may not be able to fulfill all their requests, but I will make sure to include at least one item specifically for them. On average, I usually offer at least three different options so that those with dietary restrictions have something enjoyable to eat.  

When people inquire about the organic nature of the food, I inform them that it is as close to organic as possible. Working with local farmers and suppliers is crucial. I explain to them that by consuming the food I prepare, they are also supporting those who are dedicated to providing pure, organic ingredients. This usually generates a lot of support. So far, I have not encountered any legal issues because I take the extra time to share my story and ensure that they understand my approach. 


Awesome. What is your signature dish? It's more of a sentimental experience because the first dish I ever made was shrimp and grits. When I was starting out in the culinary world at a young age, my mom would encourage me to create something out of nothing and allow me to do it. She would say, "It's your turn, this Sunday!"  

So, we would all gather together as a family, no matter where we lived in town, to share a meal. When my name came up on the “who is cooking this Sunday” list, my mom asked me, "Are you ready? What are you going to cook?" And I replied, "I'm going to make shrimp and grits!" She responded, "Alright now; you better bring it!" So, I prepared the dish using various culinary seasonings and ingredients that complemented each other.  


I incorporated all the techniques I had been taught. When I cooked it, there were three things on my mind - it had to smell good, taste good, and be unique. I wanted to make it my own. We always had unofficial judges in the family. 

So, did they enjoy it? After they took their first bite, they fell silent, which is a good sign, especially when they go back for seconds before saying anything (laughs).   

Absolutely! (laughs) Then I looked at my dad, who is usually the final judge, and he said, "This is good!" As a young chef just starting, that was all the validation I needed (laughs). Since then, I have created many variations of that recipe, but one thing remains certain - making shrimp and grits is an emotional connection for me. Sometimes, I even get teary-eyed while cooking it. My first experience cooking for others was for my family, which brought me pure joy. Cooking and serving others are my love language.  


Thank you for sharing such a beautiful story, Vincent! I loved it when you said you had tears of joy, but let's make sure those tears don't drop into the food! (laughs) Oh no! (laughs) 


Just kidding! (Laughs) Now Vincent, are you currently endorsed by anyone? Oh, it's funny that you mention that because I consider myself an unsung chef. While I haven't received much recognition in the mainstream press, I've been endorsed by many people in personal conversations. However, I must credit my incredible publicist, Desirae L. Benson! I absolutely adore her, and she has played a crucial role in helping me turn my passion into a published success.  

Thanks to her efforts, I've been featured in various publications, interviewed, and even appeared on mainstream and independent TV. It's been amazing to connect with an audience that appreciates my cooking, regardless of their cultural background. Just recently, I had the opportunity to attend "The Color Purple Experience" in LA. Following that event, I was interviewed on an independent television network, where I showcased my culinary skills and received a thumbs-up from the show's producers.  

An endorsement is when someone has tasted your food and adores it! Based on this definition, I have received numerous beautiful testimonials from people who have thoroughly enjoyed my food throughout the years. It's not just regular people who compliment me, but even other chefs who are curious about my culinary skills. It's incredible to hear them ask, "How did you do this?"  

One of the highlights for me was when the head chef for the "Detroit Pistons," a professional basketball team here in America, expressed his delight on camera by saying, "This is great!" I have received such endorsements from many individuals, but Gina, I would be thrilled to prepare a meal for you! 

Oh, thank you so much, and may God bless you! I absolutely adore that idea, and I'll definitely hold you to it if you ever visit the UK. You know, Vincent, there are numerous cooking reality TV shows where contestants are given a limited time to cook and strange ingredients to cook with. Have you ever thought about participating in any of those shows? I used to do something similar as a child. Whenever guests came over, I had a specific amount of time to cook in a small kitchen. I had to put everything together and serve it quickly. However, that was just a time-based challenge, unlike the shows where you have limited ingredients or unexpected twists. As a chef, you have all the necessary ingredients to be prepared for the task. However, in reality show TV competitions, you are tested on your ability to perform under pressure when you're not fully prepared. But it's an exciting concept.  


I grew up with a similar experience. My mom would challenge me to create something out of whatever ingredients were available to see if I could create a winning dish. So, participating in a show like that would be amazing. Maybe not with strict time constraints, but more like, "Here are the ingredients; now make something incredible." And there would be a reasonable amount of time to work with. It would be fascinating to see what creative dishes people can develop under those circumstances. 

However, I am particularly interested in hearing the stories behind the achievements of chefs and the journeys they embark on before revealing their culinary creations to the world. It is no longer solely about the food itself but rather the entire process and the experiences gained along the way. This truly ignites my passion. I may not be as drawn to the flashy and extreme elements that sometimes occur in shows, such as impossible mountain climbing. While I understand that these aspects are entertaining, the ultimate focus should always be on the moment when the chefs present their food to others. That is what truly holds significance. 


That's great! I hope to see you participating in a show like that one day. Vincent, have you collected all your amazing recipes and put them in a book yet? Thank you for asking. I've actually been sharing recipes with different people for years because they always ask me how I made certain dishes. I would explain the process and give them the basic template along with the ingredients and steps. A few years ago, I started making videos to show people how to cook these recipes. I wanted to create a platform where they could easily access and watch the videos without interruptions. That's when I decided to create my own independent website.  

The videos were at most 4 1/2 minutes, so I had to do all the editing to make them concise. If people enjoyed the videos and wanted the recipe, they would let me know, and I would email it to them. Over the years, I've received many suggestions to publish a cookbook or something similar. "I was like, 'Really? I'm already giving it out?' My family members are constantly pushing me to create a cookbook, but I haven't made any progress toward publishing it. 

If I do decide to create one, since I've shared numerous recipes and gained a following, I'm confident those interested would love to see it come to life. Let's wait and see what unfolds. In the meantime, I have a website for people to explore and see the things I am currently working on, as well as a collection of items available for people to browse. Some of it is at cost and some of it is at view. By becoming a part of the library collection, you will remain informed on what I create as I go along. 


All things in God's timing. That's incredible! Have you ever thought about opening your own local restaurant in the future? Well, I come from a family of restaurateurs. So, if you ever plan on visiting New Orleans, there are a few well-known family restaurants that you should consider dining at. Personally, I have a connection to this culinary restaurant heritage, but I resisted embracing it for quite a while. Many people have suggested that I start my own restaurant, but my desire has always been to reach a broad audience in their homes.  

As a result, I created an online platform where I can showcase my cooking and share recipes. It's a professional setup, and I can even establish cooking in a commercial kitchen in any city or state I find myself in. This grants me the freedom to cook wherever I please. However, I recognize the significance of having a physical location where people can go. I currently operate as a mobile chef.  

So, until I find my cornerstone place, which probably would take the clouds to open, the sunshine would have to come shining down, and God would have to tell me, "Here is the spot you need to be at." (laughs) Seriously? It is definitely being considered, but for now, I continue to travel, do private events, and continue to share my culinary creations through various on-site engagements on my website, World Theater, as my store and my restaurant. Thank you for asking that. 


It is my pleasure. I take great pleasure in witnessing individuals thrive and accomplish remarkable things. When it comes to cooking, what essential equipment do you consider a must-have? You'll laugh because I don't have it with me, but it's a hat. (laughs) 


That's awesome and hilarious!! Love it! (laughs) I always cook with a hat, and it's usually something that is traditionally connected culturally. It's usually one of my New Orleans-style Fedora or Derby hats. No matter what, culturally wise, I always cook while wearing one of my hats. I have many different styles; what’s the use in creating amazing foods without a fun hat! 


I love that! Vincent, it's been so much fun speaking with you today. The final question I would like to ask you is, would you be so kind as to impart any wisdom that you can give to young chefs coming up behind you? What would you say to them? It's interesting that you mentioned that because I recently had a conversation with one of my relatives about this topic. As a chef, you will encounter various creative challenges in life. It's important to embrace failure and overcome any fears you may have about trying new things or not trying them at all. 


For example, if you feel like making something sweet but decide to make it sour instead, or if you have any other creative ideas in your heart and soul, go ahead and give it a try. Take the opportunity to create a new recipe or dish because the world needs your unique contributions. It's a part of who you are, and it has the power to make a difference in the world. 


And some of the most amazing recipes and discoveries in the world actually started off as mistakes. People never expected them to turn out great, but they took a leap of faith because they found it inspiring. And now, those very creations have become essential in cuisines all around the globe. So, don't ever be afraid of failure. Believe in your heart and soul and pursue your passion because you have the power to redefine the culinary world with your unique touch. 


I am genuinely amazed by your talent, and it has been an absolute honor to interview you, Vincent. Thank you for everything. I hope that God will continue to bless your incredible work and that it always aligns with His plan for your life. I also pray for the well-being and protection of your family during these challenging times. I want you to know how proud I am of you. My wish is that the Lord will bring caring individuals into your life who have your best interests at heart and love you unconditionally. They will not take from you but instead enrich your life. This is my prayer for you. Please continue to embrace your calling and fulfill your destiny, as the world needs more people like you who spread love and joy and create nourishing food. As you move forward, know that I will be there, supporting and cheering you on every step of the way. Thank you so much, Gina.  

Thank you so much. Have a wonderful day, Vincent, God bless you. God bless you too. 

End of Interview

Photos of Vincent Moore, The Legacy Chef are by Rick Hicks courtesy of Vincent Moore 

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