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Two Time Business Owner," Kelly Anne" Taking The Hair Skin Scalp Industry to Another Level!

Tell me about yourself?

My name is Kellyanne. I'm an extremely ambitious self-starter and brand creator. My background is in cosmetology, social work, and chemistry. Combining all my prior experiences, I was able to pull it all together to create this dynamic business, but with clients and people in mind.

Tell me about businesses?

I have two businesses. Product development of KA holistic Hemp-notic which is a CBD infused hair and scalp care line and My Tomboy Wicked Product fragranced line made for men. This has grown to have my brand featured in films, videos, and now our own commercial. In featuring and working around so many great models and celebrities I have now launched my new show called, “Models Talk” @KA Fashion tv on Roku tv and YouTube. A Show with a very positive vibe during these covid19 times.

Tell me about your product line?

I decided in 2010 that I would develop my own product line. I had one child still home and he was leaving for USC. My thoughts were, “Kellyanne, sell your car and use the money for the next chapter of your life. It’s now your turn to move in faith for what you believe.” I created my vision board, sold my care, saved money, walked to work, hired 3 chemists, and begin my journey. I believe the secret to success is answered in the question of, “Are You happy and fulfilled in what you are doing? I can wholeheartedly say yes! Even on my hardest days.

Have you ever felt like quitting?

Yes, there are days I felt like I wanted to give up and go sit on the curb sing jingle bells, eat a hot burrito all while drinking lemon water! Lol, what I mean is, that feeling only lasts a moment, it never lasts long and so I straighten up, laugh at myself ask God for another sign and I keep moving.

What was your biggest challenge?

The biggest challenge I have faced is Managing funds in the past. I loaned out business funds that I should not have. I never got that back and it set me back 2 years. You may have a good heart with good intentions, but business funds should stay BUSINESS FUNDS! Not to be used to bail anyone out or any other use accept business, especially when you are a new small business. However, Lesson learned and I’m wiser for it.

What are your future goals?

Future Goals have always been to grow Leaps and bounds for the year to come with a stable team. I have created 3 vision boards and met almost every business goal on each one. 2020 Would have been the year of moving into a new office space. That will have to wait until 2021, but I’m couldn’t be more excited. I’m also excited to see our Ads grow and reach a greater audience.

What advice would you give to someone regarding starting a business?

Advice that I would give to new business owners would be to write it down and research every aspect. Find a business or company that you respect and model some of your goals after them. If you have someone in the business that you trust run a few things by them (having supporters to understand and encourage you is a great thing). Also, only share with those that understand, love, and respect your goals. However, keep somethings guarded because this is your desire and goals and possibly Your million-dollar baby.

What would you like to say as a final quote?

There are so many quotes but here is one that stopped me from crying one day when I felt overcome. “ I Had No SHOES and I complained until I saw a man that had no FEET.” If you can walk, You can arrive at your destination. It doesn’t matter where your destination is You can get there. Don’t complain just point your feet North and ascend.

Follow Kellyanne on social media

http://instagram@tomboywicked & http://instagram@kellyannehair


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