Tonia Soulbird Sings Her Way Into The Spotlight

Background/how i got started in music:

I'm Servant of God appointed to minister - for his glory. Music is my gift man, grateful for it. I use it as a medium to uplift, to encourage, to inspire and to show the joy and freedom of Jesus Christ. It flows through me, I wish words were enough to describe it. I'm from East London (boop boop! haha). I have always loved music, man. I sing everyday! In the kitchen, in the shower, in the car.. everywhere! It started from when I was a child. I would sing in my front garden, pretending to hold a mic in my hand and perform songs that I had written. I think that was around the age of 9. My love for music propelled me to sing in Church, in school and various musical vocal groups, before launching into my ministry as an Artist. 

Memorable moment:

My most memorable moment, so far has to be performing at The Jazz Cafe alongside my good friend and fellow Artist, Lemzi. We lit up the stage man! You couldn't fake that kind of energy. It was from the heart. You should check him out, he's my favourite British Rapper.

Most Challenging Moment:

I found it challenging when I was asked to write a song on the spot at a Studio in Ealing, London. I found it challenging because although the song was decent, it wasn't from the heart. It wasn't organic. It wasn't real. This made me feel uncomfortable.

Music influences:

I appreciate the sounds of Kirk Franklin, Lauryn Hill, Lemzi, Common, Jazmine Sullivan, Mali Music and so so so many others. 

Who would you love to do a duet with, dead or alive:

I would love to sing a song written by Kirk Franklin or John P. Kee - they are remarkable musical geniuses!

Most embarrassing moment

I had to record a live performance for a music project once. Halfway through, my mind went blank and I just stopped singing. I must have zoned out too much haha.

How many singles/album

I released by debut album - SOULBIRD in Feb 2020. Available on all major music platforms -  Go check it out!

What are your music performance traditions?

I pray every time.

What advice would you like to give to upcoming artists?

Always remember why you sing. Never compromise on that for anything. 


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