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The single everyone's talking about, Lenny William's "Weekday Blues, "Out Now & It's A Banger!

Updated: May 11

In the mid-1970s, Lenny was the lead singer of the funk band "Tower of Power." After leaving the group, he pursued a solo career and achieved many unforgettable hits! Since then, Lenny has dominated the airways and the stages with numerous memorable songs, including an all-time favorite titled "Cause I love you." This interview covered one exciting new topic in particular. Weekday Blues, his latest smash hit, was the subject of our conversation. The following is what he said.

Good afternoon, Lenny! Hi Gina, how are you? Everything is going well for me! Thank you for taking the time to speak with me. You're welcome. Thank you.

During our last conversation, you were transitioning from all the COVID-19 restrictions and preparing to get back out there and do what you love. Despite all that, you still released great new music, which Lenny Williams fans embraced and greatly supported! Thank you. Yes.

According to a "little birdy," you have an explosive secret you'd like to share with me and your fans, so I'm ready for you to reveal it. So, what’s going on in “Lenny world?” Yes, I have a new single out called “Weekday Blues.”

What led to the creation of this project? It just so happens that I was speaking to my good friend Preston Glass, who has written for everyone from Mariah Carey to Aretha Frank, Whitney Houston to Earth Wind and Fire. During our conversation, he told me about a young man that he's presently working with named "Brandon Watts."

So, I had a conversation with Brandon, and he told me that he was working on a new song, "Weekday Blues," and he invited me to work on it with him. So, we went to the studio. Preston and Brandon recorded music in Los Angeles and sent the music to us, and Levi and I recorded the vocals here, where I live. That’s how the song “Weekday Blues” came into being.

It's my understanding that you're also working on an album. It's true, but we decided to release this song rather than wait until an album was finished. We all felt that it was a great song!

I am just as excited about it as you are! Undoubtedly, "Weekday Blues" will be a phenomenal project because your voice is one-of-a-kind and the caliber of producers and musicians working on this project are top quality! People connect with your songs because of the way you sing them. You are not only vocally talented, but you are also incredibly talented with writing, and your music is equally masterful. Thank you! Yeah, we're all excited about it and just hope everybody is as excited as we are.

As one of the excited people, I do not doubt they will be!

Now Lenny, what about the song's musical composition that drew you in and you wanted to sing it? I guess it was the composition of it and how it was composed that drew me into the music. When I heard it, I knew I wanted to do that song. The song is melodic. It has good lyrics, and it's easy to dance to. You have to create the melody in many songs, but this song felt right from the start. Very melodic with a great beat. It's a special song.

Can you tell me about the lyrical content within the song? Weekday Blues will be relatable to everybody who's ever had a job. The song talks about working hard during the week and looking forward to enjoying the weekend. Do you know what I mean?

Yes. Recreation after a long, hard week of work is vital for the body. Right. After a long week of hard work, you want to relax and do whatever you want. Some people enjoy reading or going to the beach, some like to relax, and others prefer enjoying their weekend more festively.

In "Weekday Blues," the song talks about having the weekday Blues. For instance, it's now the weekend, so I'm going to get my girl, and we're going to party. We're going to the club and dancing the night away. I think that's something that everybody can relate to. Now, if you're one of the Rothschilds, you may be an exception to the rule because every day for people of this type of wealth is Sunday.

True. (Laughs) Would you compare the song's beat to a stepper's rhythm? Does the song have a slow, mid-temple, or fast tempo? The DJs who have heard it say it's a good steppers groove that people can step to, while the others say it's danceable.

The song is suitable for any dance you enjoy. This song is perfect for dancing "the two-step," twisting your body, and whatever else you like. The great thing about the single is that everyone who has heard it has responded positively. We’re all excited about that.

Does the song contain any live instrumentation, and who did you work with? The composition combines algorithmic computer composition and traditional live instrumentation. In my opinion, it is a musical hodgepodge.

Can you tell me about the musicians who are playing this song? Preston Glass, Brandon Watts, and Levi Caesar, who played guitar for Prince and The Power Generation for 13 years. Preston and Levi play guitar on this song, and Brandon Watts also plays keys, guitar, and drums. It's a lovely little quartet of musicians, myself included.

id you write all the lyrics to the song? I only wrote some of the lyrics. For the most part, the lyrics were a collaborative effort of Brandon and myself.

Extraordinary! I know it will be great with many talented musicians and singers like yourself on one song! Lyrically speaking, what is your favorite line in the song? One of my favorite lines of the song is in the beginning when it says, “Finally, I can tend to me ‘cause I've worked all week long and ain’t had no sleep.”

It's funny because that's what happened to me this week. I had to go out, do shows, and travel on airplanes. Consequently, I didn't get the amount of rest that I would have liked to have. So, having the luxury of being able to tend to yourself and do something for yourself is a great feeling.

The song says, "I can finally tend to me 'cause I've worked all week long, and ain't had no sleep. But, when I go home and put on my clothes, I'm gonna gas the coop up, baby, and you already know, I'm rolling on the way to see you.

Lenny, I must tell you the women will love those lyrics. You mentioned two of the things that women love. One is to get much-needed rest, and the other is to have our sweetheart scoop us up, take us out and make us feel special. It's a special feeling for men and women who've worked extremely hard all week to get in your nice clean "Coupe de Ville" and head towards the one you love. Just as the lyrics say, "I'm rolling on the way to see you."

What color is your Coupe de Ville, Lenny? Mine is blue.

I love classic cars. I think they're beautiful! Maybe you can have one in one of your music videos. Speaking of music videos, do you have a music video to accompany that song? We did a lyric video and are working on the live version of that video.

Sounds great! are you already singing this new song in your shows or preparing to sing it in an upcoming front? No, I haven't done it yet, as it's newly released. But we plan to introduce it soon. Thus far, I've only sung it in the studio, so I'm practicing it as we go. Transferring from the studios and stage can be a bit different in some instances, but we are looking forward to it. That's going to be exciting.

And where can people buy it? Yeah, it's available on all digital platforms—Tidal, Amazon, iTunes, Google, you name it.

Awesome! Do you have any shows coming up? On the 17th, we'll be in Cincinnati; on the 18th, we'll be in Maryland; and on the 30th, Rochester, NY.

I'm sure those who want to check out your tour schedule can go to your website and social media sites to track where you will be singing next. This way, they can go and purchase tickets and support you. Yes, my website and social media platforms are the best way for people to keep track of my performances and to know when I will be playing in their area. That’s correct.

Can you tell your fans when the single will be available for purchase and radio play? The official release was on September 5, and the radio broadcast will take place on September 12. We are super excited about it! Also, I would like to thank all my fans for supporting "Weekday Blues."

One last thing, what would you like to say if it were your last words on earth? I live my life as an open book.

Thank you, Lenny, for your gracious time, and may God bless you on your continued journey. Thank you, Gina.

Thank you, Lenny. Bye. Bye

Photos are courtesy of Lenny Williams.

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