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The NAMA Foundation Supports the Economically Disadvantaged Through Music

Born and raised in Kansas City Missouri, Robert James learned at an incredibly young age, that growing up disadvantaged, can sometimes limit a child's ability to carry out their dreams. As a child, Robert recalls the feelings of frustration in not being able to play the instrument of his choice. Often, this was due to the school’s insufficient funds and limited music supplies.

Fast forward to today. Robert went on to becoming a successful musician and businessman graduating with a master’s degree in business, but one thing this visionary never forgot was his humble beginnings.

While working in the music business, he met American drummer and composer, Ricky Lawson, who later became one of his dearest friends and music mentors. Unbeknownst to Robert, Ricky would become one of the three inspirations of starting his new business, NAMA. After Ricky Lawson's passing, Robert chose to honor the legacy of his fellow musician friend by the naming of his business, NAMA Music Angels Foundation. Robert considers Ricky his musical angel.

Since the launching of NAMA, the nonprofit has collected and distributed many musical instruments to many disadvantaged children. The nonprofit is driven by the generous donations of musicians and the public's unused musical equipment. Guitars, keyboards, bass guitars, drums, percussion instruments, cables, microphones and even music production equipment are just a few of the types of donations NAMA is accepting. NAMA is also accepting financial donations which would help in the regeneration of unused and even sometimes damaged equipment.

NAMA quotes on their website" NAMA Music Angels Foundation is a nonprofit, 501 c 3, community-minded organization, that assists local schools and other community organizations with the goal of providing exceptional music instruction. Through our extensive outreach program and instrument donation and repair program, we strive to provide students with the opportunity to engage in live music studies by gifting donated playable musical instruments to them.

NAMA Music Angels Foundation’s primary goal is to serve the economically disadvantaged, to help young people achieve their full musical potential, and to give them a sense of purpose by stimulating personal and educational growth through music.

NAMA Music Angels Foundation’s programs are provided without regard to national origin, race, religious belief, gender, or physical handicap. Our guiding philosophy is to make the world a better place through music. We aim to do this by increasing access to music within communities and spread music to our youth, allowing them opportunities not otherwise afforded to them. "

To learn more about NAMA and how you can help support their vision, visit their website at

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