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“The Indie Post Magazine & Under The Radar Magazine” to Merge on July 1, 2022

Updated: May 26

GNA Universal Media’s “The Indie Post Magazine and Under The Radar Magazine” to Merge on July 1, 2022

The marriage has begun between two powerhouse media platforms in support of the independent community.

As of July 1, 2022, Indie Post and Under the Radar will merge into one publication. Previously, the two magazines operated on separate platforms. Though their names are different, they share many key features.

As an online blog magazine, Under The Radar, exclusively features interviews with independent music artists, as well as highlighting DJ Prone's artist of the month. The Indie Post Magazine, which began as an online exclusive magazine, has now expanded to print and offers a more extensive list of interviews with celebrities and independent talent in fields such as music, film, business, health, fitness, entertainment, and food and fashion.

On July 1, 2022, the merger will take place. The Under The Radar blog mag will still be hosted on Indie Soul Radio's website, however the column will be published in The Indie Post magazine.

Under the Radar and The Indie Post Magazine are both owned and operated by married couple, Andrew and Gina Sedman, who are global independent advocates.

Among magazine publications, The Indie Post is unique. This 1960s/70s-inspired funky retro magazine is themed in a way that inspires and motivates you to achieve your goals. All on one platform, the Indie Post Magazine features interviews with celebrities and independent entertainment professionals around the globe.

You can find out about award-winning actors, film producers, musicians, recording artists, entertainment business executives, music producers, or business executives in our collection! Independents and well-established artists can both have their achievements recognized on the indie post platform.

With the Indie Post, you will learn about the journeys of individuals within the entertainment industry and the challenges they have experienced while pursuing their dreams. Enjoy a cuppa and be inspired by The Indie Post, the magazine everyone is talking about! To learn more about The Indie Post Magazine or purchase a copy, visit

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