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Superwoman R&B Singer Karen White a Powerful & Fearless Soul Music Legend, Inspires Women Worldwide!

The Indie Post | Spotlight | Karyn White | June 1, 2023 Issue| Vol 1

What’s Next for Superwoman Soul Legend, Karyn White? Films, Music, Pageants & Anything Her Heart Desires! In the late 1980s and early 1990s, Karyn White had several hit singles and albums that took the world by storm. She has been compared to pop icon Tina Turner for her energetic and electrifying stage presence and her unique vocal style, sensuality, and sex appeal throughout the years. In addition to her hit singles "Superwoman," "Secret Rendezvous," "The Way You Love Me," Love Saw It, a duet with Babyface, and her US Hot 100 No. 1 single "Romantic" Before signing to Warner Bros. Records, she sang on Jeff Lorber's 1986 Private Passion singles "Facts of Love," "True Confessions," and "Back in Love" before signing. Her former production team includes L.A. Reid, Babyface, Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis, among others.

With the release of Carpe Diem in March 2012, she became a recurring character on BET Centric's “Beauty and the Baller” series, playing “Kym Banks.” Her first feature film role is in Gale and the Storm, directed by Derrick Muhammad, which featured her latest single, "Blind Man Walking." The film premiered on October 12, 2017. For the Gale and the Storm soundtrack, she earned a 2017 UB Honors nomination in the "Best Independent R&B Album Release" category. During our interview, she discussed her exciting career and journey in the entertainment industry. Here are the details she shared with me.

Beautiful Karyn White, first and foremost, thank you for this interview. It is a pleasure to speak with you today, and I thank you for the opportunity. This is an honor and a blessing for me. I think you're amazing, and I love your voice and music. Thank you. That makes me feel wonderful. I appreciate you for doing the interview.

Here in the United Kingdom, we receive very little sunlight compared to the United States. OH, you're across the pond?

Yes, I live here now. Wow! The last time I was in the UK was in 2017.

Awesome! The Uk loves you, Karyn. So, what part of the world are you in right now? I'm in Atlanta.

Do you live there? Yes, I live in Atlanta now.

Wow, that’s great! Atlanta is gorgeous! Yes, it is beautiful here.

That is fantastic! So, Karyn, before we get into the meat of your career, may I ask you a question? Sure.

How have you maintained your beauty and youthfulness throughout the years? You do not appear to have aged at all. Quite the contrary, you seem to be getting younger by the day. What is the secret to your beauty? Firstly, beauty is a matter that comes from the heart because a woman's true beauty lies in the essence of her soul, which lies at the core of her being. Unkindness is one of the key aspects of the personality that makes one unattractive to others.

Secondly, it is also so important to have the capacity to forgive others for the mistakes they may have made. You will age much faster if you harbor resentments and unforgiveness in your heart. Externally speaking, lifestyle choices such as eating a low-carb diet and exercising good skin care contribute to aging well. I even follow this dermatologist online because I'm so much into skincare.

That’s awesome! Yes, we must care for ourselves, especially in our 40s and beyond. Mature skin must be kept hydrated by drinking plenty of water. Additionally, if you are going to wear make-up, I suggest wearing less or choosing a type of make-up that is healthy and suitable for your skin.

What's funny is that when you're younger, you can experiment, but when you're older, you must let your skin breathe. I regularly use a skin care product that contains retinol, niacinamide, vitamin C, and sunblock for daily skin maintenance. And I do my best to care for my body through exercise and lifting weights because we lose estrogen and collagen as we mature. The reason I chose to lift weights is to maintain a toned body.

As women, I believe we should take pride in our appearance. Knowing the types of clothes that look good on me and complement my body type is essential. I consider myself ageless, and being ageless means not trying to be someone you're not but accepting who you are, the gifts that God has given you, and being ok with whatever that may be. Finally, less is more.

I agree, Karyn. Wow, that's a wealth of knowledge, and women all over the world should take note of what you said. Great advice! So, ladies, drink your water to look great like Karyn White! It's funny because even though our bodies are made up of 60% water, and it's the most essential and healthiest thing you can do for optimal health, staying consistent is hard. It's like, we don't want to drink water, but we must.

Awesome, so as promised, I want to talk about how your musical interest developed and professional music journey began. Yes, I am the youngest sibling. I have older sisters and brothers. One is a choreographer, dancer, and actress, and one, although I wouldn't say she was a singer, I will say that she was gifted and naturally talented.

One thing I loved doing was performing for my family and in church. I learned that I was a "ham." So, I knew who I was at an early age, and I loved the attention.

While in elementary school, regardless of what event was happening, graduation, PTA, Black history, or any event occurring, I could sing. I wanted to put together a dance, group, or band so that I could perform. I've always been a go-getter because I am an extremely driven person. They even called me Karyn White in elementary school. (laughs)

That's awesome! You know you're destined for greatness when people call you by your first and last name. My superpower was my drive and focus, and because I knew I wanted to be in show business early, I wouldn't allow anything to get in my way. I even did pageants, and I was also a songwriter. I ensured everybody around me knew that Karyn White would make it and that I would be a star.

So how did you go from being this little talent gem to becoming a superstar and signing your first deal? How did all that come into being? I auditioned for the group "Legacy," but there was another group signed to Motown called "Switch," with Bobby Debarge as lead singer. Well, Switch's drummer signed "Legacy." He groomed and helped us familiarize ourselves with the studio through jazz fusion, pop, R&B, and songwriting.

How old were you then? I was sixteen, so this was a big step for me. I even watched Switch record many of their #1 Motown hits in the studio. I was one of the two female singers; unfortunately, the other female singer was chosen over me because they felt that my voice needed to be more commercially viable and only needed one female singer. Therefore, I didn’t make the cut.

Oh no! I know you were devastated. Yes. But, although I was brokenhearted, becoming a solo artist was my true passion. Therefore, I continued auditioning. One day, I auditioned for Don Cornelius of Soul Train, and at that time, he managed a phenomenal up-and-coming artist named O'Bryan. He had #1 records and sang the "Soul Train" theme song weekly. So, I sang background for him, and he and Don Cornelius groomed me and later put me on Soul Train. I danced a lot; he frequently featured me on the show and helped me after getting off the road with O'Bryan.

I toured with O'Bryan as his background singer for about three months. We opened for "Cameo." And, although I was a background singer, you would have thought it was my show because I was in the back, popping it and getting all the attention. As energetic as I am now, I was then on stage.

My intention was not to steal attention from O'Bryan, but I was just me. I was a performer. That was one of the things I loved the most about being an entertainer. So, we got off the road, and Don Cornelius assembled a group where he signed Rosie Gaines. She did a lot of stuff with Prince. Unfortunately, an album was never released by that group.

Later, I went on to audition for a jazz fusion artist, "Jeff Lorber," who was signed to "Warner Brothers." He wanted to make an album like Quincy Jones did with James Ingram and Patti Austin, where Quincy featured them on his album, and then they did their own. Like Quincy Jones, Jeff Lorber did that with me. He featured me on "Facts of Love" and other songs. The song did so well that it peaked in the Top 40's on the US Billboard Hot 100 and R&B charts.

At that point, Warner Brothers wanted to sign me to a solo deal. So, that's my story. That's how I got signed to the Great Boutique label of Warner Brothers, which is, in my opinion, the best record label in the world.

Karyn, I love your exciting journey and learning how you progressed in the business. That's awesome! So, for people unfamiliar with your music, can you share some of your most notable hit songs with our readers? Yes. First, I was fortunate to work with incredible producers, L.A. Reid and Babyface. Both have been responsible for the success of many notable artists' hit songs and superstardom careers. They produced my first number-one song, "The Way You Love Me." The song had a jazzy Natalie Cole style but was a fun summer song. It was a #1 single on the R&B chart, and it went gold in the UK, United States, and Japan.

Next was my song, "Secret Rendezvous." I remember it reaching the "Top of the Pops." The song had a "Prince" type of sound. It was great because it reflected two sides of my personality. On the one hand, it showcased my ability to dance in a raw "Tina Turner" type of grit and, on the other hand, sing with enthusiastic passion.

I was also blessed to have a song that became my anthem for women. It was the third single release called "Superwoman." Many contemporary artists sing and have sung my “Superwoman” in their live performances: Tamar, Latoya Luckett from Destiny's Child, Fantasia, and many others. Gladys Knight, Patti LaBelle, Dion Warwick, Heather Headley, and Reba McEntire have also sung and or re-recorded it as a cover.

To date, Superwoman is one of my most recognizable hit singles. Pattering my previous recordings, it achieved superior success as it soared to gold and platinum status.

Karyn! What about one of my other favorites, "Love Saw It?" Still, today, I can't get enough of that song! When it was first released, it stayed on repeat on my radio. Oh yeah, I love that song too. Babyface and I sang that song together as a beautiful and sultry duet. We had great musical chemistry. Before Toni Braxton and Babyface were Karyn White and Babyface.

Not only was that one of the last songs we recorded for my debut album, Karyn White, but it was also a #1 record for me. I received nominations for two Grammy awards and became the first female artist to have the first three solo releases from their debut album hit No. 1 on the R&B charts. In fact, I'm in the Guinness World Book of Records for being the 1st female debut artist to have three #1 Records in a row.

Congratulations, that’s awesome! Words cannot express how happy I am and how proud I am of all your achievements throughout your life and career. Outstanding! Thank you and Gina, sometimes it's hard to believe that nobody has broken that record. I had no clue I was even in there. Though I was shocked to learn that I will not fight "The Guiness Book of World Records." If they say it, then I have to accept it.

Bingo! Just take it, girl! (laughs) I know! I’m taking it! (laughs)

Now Karyn, do you write and produce your music? Oh yes, but not on the first album; I only co-wrote a couple of songs. The second album, recorded with "Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis," entitled "Romantic," was the first Pop and R&B record that I co-wrote where the album achieved number-one chart success. For the most part, I co-wrote everything on my second album.

Speaking of writing, you've written for another artist too. Can you share more about that? Sure. When I was 18, I co-wrote a song for "Stephanie Mills," called "Automatic Passion." That was my first cover. I co-wrote a song for Rachelle Ferrell on her album, "Till You Come Back To Me," and I wrote for Johnny Gill. This all happened before I was signed.

You are a fantastic writer; I know many others feel the same! Many people don't realize how talented many artists are because they only see you in the compacity of the way you're initially presented to the public, and that is a recording artist. Still, in many cases, artists are packed with a plethora of talent in diverse areas, and many have been on the scene for years but operating behind the scenes. Unbeknownst to the public, many of you are responsible for some of the biggest hits we know today.

Now, Karyn, I want to talk about Superwoman. Many black women are told that we must be "Strong Black Women," and in certain circumstances, we do. However, sometimes, that statement infuriates me because some use that term because they either do not want to take the time to listen and encourage a hurting individual or because that's what we were taught to say. Either way, that statement doesn't permit me to be a woman. Sometimes I need to cry, purge, be angry, or tap out for a second, and I don't want to be strong at the moment, nor do I want someone to give me a cold dismissive statement. I want to be heard. I want to tell someone who will listen, "I'm hurting." Still, unfortunately, that heavy, burdensome statement was passed down from one black female to the next, generation after generation holding us hostage to that standard of maintaining the appearance of perfection, knowing that sometimes you’re just tired and need a bit of rejuvenation resulting from the years of pain you so eloquently held within keeping the façade intact. I don't think that's healthy, mentally or physically. That historical statement leads me to your song, "Superwoman."

The song says, "I'm not your superwoman; I'm not the kind of girl that you can let down and think that everything is ok; boy, I am only human." That part! You said it all! You were one of the first black women to say that you can't just hurt me, and I suck it up; I'm speaking up for myself now. I'm taking back my life! Karyn, thank you! Do you realize how freeing that is to hear a black woman say, you no longer have permission to hurt me, and I sit back and do not express my pain? Thank you for this song. That song is so needed, even more so today, when mental illness is running rampant in the black community. How is that song translated into your personal life, and what does it mean to you when you sing it? Wow, I love how you describe what that song meant because I was 22 years old when I recorded that song, and I hadn't lived enough life to understand how much that song would impact so many women worldwide. What did I know? At that time, I hadn't gone through much. My dreams came to fruition quickly. During that time, everything good was happening in my life. I hadn't been through the disappointments you experienced after you've lived a little. Today, when I sing that song, it's different. When I was young, I looked at my mother; she was every bit of what I would call a Superwoman. Because my parents divorced early, my mother raised us as single mother, but she believed in me and was our family's matriarch. So, when I performed that song, I envisioned my mother's strength.

As I matured in my thinking and experienced more life, I understood the meaning of what I was singing about more than before.

In 1994, I stepped away from the business after my album, "Make Him Do Right." After my divorce, I realized I no longer had to be strong. That's when I told myself, "I'd rather get out of this business now than stay in it and fall apart." Many people fall apart, become addicted to drugs or alcohol, or abuse themselves because they cannot recognize the time to step away. Leaving something I loved so much took a lot of courage, but I didn't like my life then. I couldn't understand why my family life suffered despite achieving many great things and career goals. I also thought, why am I having trouble succeeding in my marriage as a wife and stepmother? So, because of those things, I tried to step back after my divorce to focus on my personal life. Also, during that time, my mother was passing, so it was a tough time for me.

Like many women who love and have a solid connection to that song, I consider myself the same. Due to my own experiences, I could step into those women's shoes. I then felt fearful and unsure about returning to the music industry. I thought to myself; they don't need me. After all, ten years have passed, and nobody probably even cares any longer.

That's how I was thinking at that moment. You know, sometimes we can be our worst enemies and talk ourselves into fear, and that is when I realized that I had to overcome all of that and come back into the business on my terms. I had to do it because God called me to do it. I've always had a passion for singing and performing. Even when I was away, women would tell me that my song, Superwoman, still affected them, and it would jolt me because I gave up on myself.

Ultimately, I had to become this superwoman myself coming back into my gifts and getting back out here on stage, just like Tina Turner did. After leaving the business, she went through a lot and had to be rebirthed into a whole new life. So that's how I sing that song today; it touches me because I'm you, and I get it. This is our song.

When I tell my testimony, people are shocked because they always say, your superwoman," and then I'll let them know, no, I'm like you because we all get tired, we all must overcome, and we all must keep going. So, that's my testimony; I'm thankful for the song and glad that women can relate to it.

Because of this song, women can communicate to men who don't appreciate their value, worth, and qualities, "don't take me for granted." Despite our strong nature, we don't always want to be strong. The bulk of the load shouldn't always fall on us. Especially with us black women because we are always expected to do everything. We only do it because we must, but sometimes we don't want to. This is why I'm in awe of women. We do what we must do.

Unfortunately, a lot of times, other things will suffer if you're not healthy and whole. In other words, you can be doing what you must do while asking yourself, am I in my right mind, or am I doing it because it's expected of me to do so? Overall, that song gave us the strength to say, "I'm hurt; I need to be healed and helped."

You said it beautifully, Karyn White. I'm so proud of you! I'm confident that whatever you do next will be even more powerful and effective than when you started because you now come from a place of experience and testimony. As songwriters, what is the point of writing if the words don't resonate with you, and what is the point of singing if the pain isn't relatable? After giving away all the cookies in the cookie jar, you can only serve cookies to your guests once the jar is filled again. Life is the same way. When life has emptied you, you have nothing more to give until you have been refilled.

As a result of your press pause moment, you were able to replenish yourself so that you could release again. You can now do that. I am so proud of you because you have picked up additional skills along the way, making you not just a superwoman but now a triple threat in a positive way. Karyn, you're amazing! In your replenishing time, what were some of the most extraordinary things that happened to you? Thank you. And, yes, I needed to be refilled because I'm such a giver. Today superwoman can say, "I need to be refilled to go on this journey."

Another thing to note is that I have a foundation that I started in 2019 from the perspective of being a superwoman because the truth is, we are superwomen, or what's expected of us is to be superwomen. In today's world, women are the breadwinners, entrepreneurs, and mothers. This is why I gave away grants in 2020. I set up this foundation to support female entrepreneurs and first-time business owners. So, I hope to expand on that brand because it's a timeless subject every generation can relate to.

It is a beautiful idea, and it will not only help women succeed financially, but their self-esteem will be boosted knowing someone sees what they are doing and supports them. Karyn, you are such a wonderful person! Speaking of seeing, many men perceive you as a sex symbol because of your magnetic personality, striking beauty, and sensuality. How does that make you feel? What do you believe of yourself? Do you see yourself in the same way, or do you perceive yourself differently? You know, I like it. Because I'm a Libra, I love beautiful and flirty things. I love being a woman. But I also have a raw side of myself, like a tomboy. So, I didn't mind being labeled a sex symbol. Today, when so many people are sick and unhealthy, I am trying to embrace every ounce of youth I have left. So, if people see me in that light, I'm grateful.

Speaking of a beautiful Libra and sexy, that's Toni Braxton. Even with her battling lupus, she still maintains her beauty. When you have it, you have it. Sexy is more than how you look; it's charms too. Some people have that type of swag naturally.

I love being called sexy, but I also love being called powerful and robust because those adjectives also describe some of my most prominent characteristics. I love all those adjectives, and what's even better is that I'm known by so many as "The Superwoman."

Their affirmation inspires me when I get into my emotional low points because coming back can be challenging. There's so much competition out there.

Even though I have such a legacy, I still have to prove myself to everyone, including promoters. Nevertheless, I am finding ways to be grateful now. As a result of COVID, I have become more thankful because I'm healthy and able to move around and perform. Therefore, I'm looking at everything differently now.

When people ask about my performance, I'll tell them to wait and see. I have the youthful energy of a young girl. So, I don't feel like I'm old; on the contrary, I feel like I am forever young. Despite being in her eighties, Tina Turner always looks excellent, and if she can become even more successful the second time and look that good doing it, that gives me hope and inspiration.

Tina is excellent, but so are you. You're two people who express your talents differently but are equally talented and unique! Awe, Thank you.

My pleasure; I wouldn't say it unless it were true. Outstanding, both of you! A few of the producers that you've worked with, like L.A. Reid and Babyface and Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis, all had a distinctive style and sound, and many of the artists they produced, in a sense, were a mirror reflection of their producer. Still, your sound has always remained unique and unmatched. How did you escape the gravitational pull and not be sucked into that vortex of duplicity? How were you able to maintain your individuality and sound like Karyn White? Oh yes, the Babyface sound. But today, I am taking vocal lessons to keep my voice in tip-top shape. I’m even singing opera now.

Wow! I didn't know that! See, you have so many layers of talent! I'm impressed! As we mature, so do our interests. To answer your question, I was so rebellious that I refused to take voice lessons. That's the reason why I had my unique sound. But as I reflect, I regret not taking them because I may have done things differently. Now, my vocal coach is correcting things. I was like, "Girl, I had a hit on that." (laughs) But it all worked out best because I have my unique sound. Everyone looked for that recognizable sound during the new jack-pop era, but I'm grateful I held on to my uniqueness.

During my recording process, I worked quite a bit with L.A. Reid. While in the studio, Babyface would come in from time to time, but most of the vocals were recorded with L.A. Reid. That also gave me the freedom to develop my musical style. Had Babyface been in the studio more frequently, there may have been a more significant influence on my sound because he probably would have asked me to do it the same way as on the demo.

Yeah, exactly! (laughs) Babyface thinks he's the first person to yodel, but I've been yodeling too. He used to tell me that he was the king of Yodel, but" Al Green and Howard Hewitt " yodeled. Howard is a great yodeler. So, I have to give the king yodeler title to them. Babyface finally conceded and agreed. (laughs)

That’s hilarious! What a great story! Your strength is admirable! I love it! You're strong, beautiful, confident, and can “sing the roof of the housetop!” I'm so glad you stood your ground and maintained your God-given individuality. Your sound will always be remembered. Karyn Whites' sound is forever stamped in history, and many artists today will try to emulate your sound because you are a truly unique gift. You are indeed one of a kind. So, Karyn, let's take a moment to reflect on all the powerful and amazing things that happened during your adventurous journey. How did this fantastic, amazing, and exploratory experience change your life? Firstly, I found out what I was made of. I thought all I knew how to do was be an entertainer, and through exploring my unexplored giftings, I realized that my superpower was my focus. In other words, my eagle-eye focus ensured I would succeed, regardless of what I did or planned to do.

Stopping is never an option once I set my sights on a particular objective. I had within me focus, drive, and determination. Because of those qualities, I could have been anything I wanted, even an attorney, if I had chosen that path.

In my explorative journey, I also realized that I am fearless. See, when I was with Terry, I started to lose some of my independence because I had such a great man who was willing to help when I needed his hand. So, I had to become that person who handled everything again.

My journey involved learning new skills like real estate, buying houses, and building a portfolio. This was back in the late 90's before Joanna Gaines and all the flippers emerged.

I bought distressed and foreclosed homes in high-end areas, made them beautiful, lived in them for two years, then sold them. I would stay in the same school district wherever I purchased a home to ensure that my daughter's education was not affected. In some cases, I would even buy right around the corner. Then I would start the process over again. I found it to be very lucrative.

Working without an entire music management team was the most liberating aspect of what I did then. It was liberating to work on my own without any assistance from the industry.

I felt normal, and I loved it! As a result of that experience, I gained a deeper understanding of my untapped talents and was able to see the world through a broader perspective. My knowledge was no longer limited to one thing, entertainment. Over the years, I have learned that I have much more to contribute to the world than I first thought.

I wanted people to treat me as Karyn, and if you knew me, good, and if you didn't, great! Either way, it didn't matter. During that time, I learned how to balance it all, which gave me much more appreciation for the arts and what I did. I felt stronger and wiser and learned about businesses and financial literacy.

I went to seminars, but I wasn't a great student because my mind was too busy thinking about being on stage, so I wasn't focusing. But I knew I had to get through it because I wanted to do it. So, it became fun being the smart one and being able to share with my friends the things I learned about the business that would benefit their lives in some capacity in the long run. Before, I didn't know or understand any of those things. The funny thing is I was doing big business, but I never did it because I always had an accountant to handle my affairs.

And the best thing about it all was that I was able to be a mom to my daughter. I could now raise and care for her without always being on the road. Back then, Terry and I were extremely busy. Therefore, we had to have an AM and PM nanny. However, I did not enjoy that. That was not how I grew up.

My mother was such an awesome mom, and just witnessing how she raised us, I wanted to make sure I had that same connection with my daughter. She's getting married on the 20th, so I'm so proud of her. She is so independent and driven. Even though she didn't want to be in show business, she worked in casting and broadcast journalism. She takes care of me and is a strong, independent woman. I'm proud of her; taking the time to raise her was worthwhile. It was important to me that she was grounded and maintained normalcy in her life, and she has. She's a phenomenal woman, and that makes me happy. In the end, it was all worth it. So, those were the blessings I experienced at that time. Having the opportunity to be a mom, pick up my daughter from school, help her with her homework, and be a student of many fantastic opportunities, was great!

Awesome! Another exciting adventure in the life of the fabulous Ms. Karyn White is film and TV. Let's talk about that experience. Sure. Through training, acting, and working in that industry, my horizons have been opened in a way no one can imagine. That training is everything because you must know all the emotions within acting, like understanding why a character did what they did. Also, you learn how to connect with the protagonist by relating situations within your life by asking yourself, "Who do you want to get back at whereas you can use this as a substitution." Things like that. Psychologically, it makes you dive in, and it was amazing!

And Gina, I had a strict teacher, Ivana Chubbuck. She's a prominent acting coach. Brad Pitt, Halle Berry, Joy Bryant, and Beyoncé trained with her. As a result of opening up to her in class, I gained a sense of fearlessness. They're asking me all these personal questions in front of the entire classroom, and I'm like, "Do we have to share that?" But it made me fearless. So, when I go on stage now, I'm a beast! I am thankful because I feel like I am now home. So, the connection opened me up, and I now bare my soul. I haven't done a lot of roles, but it was a fruitful and enriching experience for me.

Concerning TV, I had the opportunity to be on a sitcom produced by the late great Michael Okwudili Ajakwe Jr., a Television, theatrical, and film writer and producer. Unfortunately, he is no longer with us, but he was an Incredible man. I met him at this little show. There was a lady in Inglewood who had a show that I attended. He was there, and he loved my personality. I remember him telling me that he had something for me.

I tell people not to focus on doing all the big stuff because you don't know where that blessing will come from. It was just this little lady who had this little podcast or TV show, right, and from that, I wound up shooting an episode he produced along with Ray Parker Jr.

The show was called "Beauty and The Baller," in which I played the character Kim Banks. I played one of the best friends of the leading actor. We had one season on Centric. It was amazing!

Then, I auditioned for other productions, but unfortunately, many never materialized. So, my partner and I, who met in acting class, got sick of the instability and decided to produce a production based loosely on my life story. So, we used a few award-winning independent filmmakers from Morehouse College. On an independent budget, we shot it in seven days. We also did a soundtrack simultaneously. So, we're proud of our film, and most importantly, that we even made a movie. It was a celebratory moment because it was such an accomplishment. Many people want to do it but have yet to do it. But we did; it was remarkable, and it made me proud. It was not only impressive, but it was liberating. Having this experience made me feel as if nothing was impossible for me. I can do anything now.

How exciting! Are you working on any new music? Yes, I'm in the process of putting out a new single. I'm excited about putting it out. We should be done by June. Before I released "Carpe Diem" and then "The Gail and The Storm" soundtrack.

I didn't understand that music was changing so much at the time. But, regardless, I'm going to put out the single. I'm into motivating people with spiritual music that uplifts and makes them feel good. I like to call it spiritual vibe affirmation music. It's cool because this is very important to speak positive affirmations, so I'm looking at doing a few songs right now, and I'm inspired by life and being forever young. So, it'll be relaxed and chilled.

I also want to do "Chill music," and I'm considering doing a duet there in South Africa. I had great success in South Africa. I'm huge there. They keep asking me to come over and do "Amapiano" music.

Can you explain that style of music to our readers? Yes. It's a subgenre of house music that comes out of South Africa.

Awesome! I'm sure you will be beautifully done and triumphant in whatever you do! Thank you.

My pleasure. Please, continue. Yes, so I'm going to continue to press forward. I've been on this journey since January. Since it's taking longer than expected, I'm also working out and lifting weights to prepare myself for the next level in my life. I want all this hard work I've been putting in to be used.

So, there are many things I plan on doing in the future. The second half of my life is going to be phenomenal. I even plan on doing "Superwoman" pageants. No matter what I do, I want to encourage all the sisters out there and help them with my foundation, utilizing workshops, training, and whatever I can do to be an inspiration. And I want to continue producing films. I have a few projects coming up that I plan on producing. I may have a minor role in them as well.

Also, I owned a label during COVID, where I signed a hip-hop artist. I was inspired by a single he put out, "Young Righteous Black Girl." He called himself "Akbar the Great." He's a 24-year-old man talking about a young, righteous black girl. So, I had to put out this record because for him to be so cool and speaking from this perspective of what you know he wants in a woman; I felt as though the world needed to hear that young black woman can be righteous and not just a thought. So, I was reborn through him. He was young, and we did a duet together, and he inspired me to get back out there and go harder than ever before. “The industry” has changed drastically since the 80s and 90s. This is why I put his project out so I could learn the industry's inner workings through firsthand experience.

From my viewpoint, posting on social media a lot felt like begging people to buy your music, and I don't like begging people, but I had to understand that this is business, and this is how things are done now. However, the key is marketing your music consistently and modestly. I had to learn that because I'm everything now, the artist, the manager, the social media manager, the photographer, and everything. Although it is a challenge, it is still fun because it allows us the space to be creative while having the freedom to choose what's best for our careers without outside influences.

Freedom is so refreshing, and being creative is exuberating! And, speaking of creativity, what have you been putting off that you plan on accomplishing soon? I haven't done the pageants, so I would say that's something I plan on doing next year; I plan on putting on my first annual "Superwoman Pageant," which would include teenagers 13 to 17. My goal is to achieve that.

Outstanding! Karyn, can you give up-and-coming artists, women, and entrepreneurs words of wisdom to inspire them as they travel throughout their explorative journeys? OK. It would be my truth: " It's never too late to begin again. That's my truth because many people will let their age or circumstance define them. My advice to those who think that way is, don't. Always remember that there is always time to begin again. Be fearless and choose faith over fear. If you do nothing, nothing will happen. It's that simple. At one point, I realized that as much as I talked about getting back into the business, there was no motion or action. The same was valid with acting. I wasn't the best actress, but I'm glad that I studied, and I and I had the faith, desire, and commitment to do it. So, don't let fear stop you. I hate fear. Regardless of how you feel, push yourself to do it anyway.

Karyn, that was beautifully said, and you are a true inspiration. It has been a complete honor to share this fantastic exchange with you. I love your spirit, your tenacity, and your beautiful all-encompassing heart! You are a game-changer and a unique soul, and I am blessed to have met you. Thank you for sharing your story with The Indie Post Magazine. You’re amazing and another one of my "sister girl heroes! "

I'm proud of your accomplishments. And I pray that God bless you and all you put your hands to do, be it done according to His will for your life. May He bless your family and your journey and give you direction and guidance. And I know the best is yet to come! Thank you, Gina. You have inspired me.

All photos of Karyn White are a contribution and courtesy of Karyn White.

To purchase The Indie Post Magazine| Karyn White| July 1, 2023 issue Vol 1. in softback or the Kindle edition, visit Amazon

To purchase The Indie Post Magazine| Karyn White| July 1, 2023 issue Vol 1. in softback or the Kindle edition, visit Barnes & Noble

Words of inspiration posted by The Indie Post (New American Standard Version Bible Verse)

John 3:16

“For God so loved the world, that He gave His only Son, so that everyone who believes in Him will not perish, but have eternal life. 17 For God did not send the Son into the world to judge the world, but so that the world might be saved through Him.

Romans 10:9-13

9 [f]that if you confess with your mouth Jesus as Lord, and believe in your heart that God raised Him from the dead, you will be saved; 10for with the heart a person believes, [g]resulting in righteousness, and with the mouth he confesses, [h]resulting in salvation. 11 For the Scripture says, “WHOEVER BELIEVES IN HIM WILL NOT BE [i]PUT TO SHAME.” 12 For there is no distinction between Jew and Greek; for the same Lord is Lord of all, abounding in riches for all who call on Him; 13for “EVERYONE WHO CALLS ON THE NAME OF THE LORD WILL BE SAVED.”

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