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Picture Perfect! An Intimate Conversation with the CEO of Imaging Diversified, Nathan Smith!

Updated: Jan 22, 2022

Nathan Smith is not just a founder and CEO. He is also a mentor, life coach, financial consultant, and overall life motivator. Imaging Diversified, LLC is a Consulting and training-focused company for the field of Radiology. Nathan and his team remain dedicated to improving knowledge and overall image quality nationwide.

LS: Tell everyone about Imaging Diversified? What made you want to go into Consulting and Training for the field of Radiology?

NS: Imaging Diversified is a Radiology services company specializing in the training of technologists behind the Images and consulting for all services found in Radiology as a whole. I wasn’t happy with the training I received and decided to give the quality service I expected. I also want to provide an avenue for technologists who need training that doesn’t have a current source or solution.

LS: You have become a pioneer for other black men working in the medical industry. What does that Power mean to you? How does that make you feel?

NS: It makes me feel encouraged to put my best foot forward and be the best example I can be. I want to set an example for the younger generation and show how Radiology services can be a field they can thrive in. That Power means that I have a responsibility to continue to grow, set new milestones, and break more barriers. Overall, it is humbling to be a pioneer in any right.

LS: You wear many hats in the community. How do you avoid burning out?

NS: I avoid burnout by setting and taking vacations, spending time with the family putting the phone away, and resting on Sunday. Sundays me and my family go to Church together and then try to watch movies or an activity. It’s a great relaxation and reset for the week.

LS: What would you say are the five rules to success in business?

NS: Honesty (Being Trustworthy), Follow-Through (finishing the work), Dependability (being accountable), Understanding People in your Industry and Vision (having a goal on where to take the business).

LS: If you could change anything about the industry, what would it be?

NS: I would put more control into the doctors’ hands-on how Radiology exams are ordered. There are times where patients can’t get specific exams paid for by insurances until guidelines by the insurance company are met which may not fall in line with the doctors’ concerns. I know policies are put in place not to abuse the system, but many patients suffer, and care is prolonged. I would have more facilities to pay for the exams they want when they want them at a low cost.

LS: What advice do you have for any aspiring to start a business?

NS: Write down your idea, then write down what problem you are solving, and then write down how much time you plan to spend on your business daily. Decide if you have a market for your business and work out details to see if you would be profitable. I would look into sources like the Small Business Administration. Research your industry, and if all checks out, then get started!

LS: What is the hardest part of branding your business?

NS: Getting proper funding to grow my company to become a household name.

LS: What is next for Nathan Smith?

NS: I want to do speaking engagements focused on motivating others to achieve their goals. I want to continue to grow Imaging Diversified as a staple in the Radiology community. I also want to start using my knowledge to help rural and less fortunate areas get proper Radiology equipment so the community can get the appropriate diagnosis.

LS: Are there success quotes you’ve adapted that you now live by that you want to share to encourage others?

NS: “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me,” Philippians 4:13. That verse has stuck with me and is my go-to whenever I doubt myself about anything.

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