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NDMV to Premiere, Gina Carey Films " Same Difference" Episode 2 Starring Makeda & Colette Owens

Updated: May 26

From NDME TV Series, Behind Closed Doors" Gina Carey Films brings you another power-packed episode.

First, there was "Billy Jones" and now, Same Difference", Episode 2.

Same Difference, starring Internationally known vocalist, "Makeda" who has performed with a host of household names such as Teena Marie and Eric Benet and actress Colette Owens known for her work in"Mino: A Diasporic Myth and others team up for a performance of a lifetime!

"Same Difference", written by producer/ director, Gina Carey, shines a light on the sad reality of sibling rivalry and how unresolved issues can lead to a plethora of problems.

In the episodic short, long time estranged sisters Ella and Sara get reacquainted after a dumb argument. When one sister's dirty little secret is revealed, will it rock their new-formed alliance or strengthen it. Same difference is a family faith-based movie about the ugly truth of sibling competition.

Same difference premiers on NDME TV on December 1, 2020 at 6pm PST visit

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