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Megan Rodriguez Provides Health & Wellness to The Community Through Yoga!

Updated: Feb 2, 2022

Tell us about your background and upbringing? My name is Megan Rodriguez. I was raised by my father and am the youngest of three older brothers. Unfortunately, my mother passed away 5 years ago but lives on in all that I do. After high school, I enlisted in the United States Air Force as a Security Forces Member and was stationed in Minot, ND at a missile base. Halfway through my contract, I was relieved of duty due to a service-connected injury. Shortly after, I attended Mount St. Mary's University in Los Angeles, majored in Political Science, and founded the Veterans Outreach Association. Upon graduation, I was hired as the Veterans District Representative for the Office of former Senator Carol Liu, in charge of veteran's homelessness, housing, and benefits. I then moved to Arizona and earned my Masters in May 2019, in Global Affairs and Management, from Thunderbird, a school of ASU. As I became the Matriarch of my family, I entered the healing space and started practicing a holistic lifestyle realizing that connection to self and Spirit was the greatest accomplishment I can make. I never thought I would be living in beautiful Palm Springs, my retirement dream; My family and I traveled here every Summer as kids. The Tennis Club Resort continues to be the center of many family vacations. I currently focus my time and energy on health & wellness on a community, regional, and global platform with Social Justice at the foundation of my work. This year I have channeled my work into blogging for all those interested to read and digest the transformation that has brought me to this point, and where I am going. My latest blog, posted on June 10th and titled, Living Through Quarantine, is available to the public at

Where are you from? Los Angeles, CA

Where are you currently living? Palm Springs, Ca

What about Food, Health and Fitness attracts you? I am a believer that we have everything we need within us to heal from past trauma and pain. Through body, mind, and Spirit, we have the ability to restore our bodies from stress, anxiety, and depression. Breath is life and yet so many of us are not breathing intentionally and with purpose. We have commoditized this essential force and have created limited access to the very groups and populations that need it most. This, coupled with a clean diet and daily exercise can produce long-term recovery at the cellular level, literally impacting one's DNA. My practice focuses on Yin Yoga with an emphasis on trauma and resilience. Health and wellness should be accessible to all people, and I intend to start in my very own community helping others embody their breath.

What are the lessons that you've learned through your experiences that you would like to share with everyone? I’m a big believer that GOD has everything planned for us and that it is up to us to listen and allow our destiny to unfold. We are in control of only two things: perception and attitude; How we perceive ourselves and the world around us influences our attitude, which can ultimately determine the path we choose. Surround yourself with people who say, 'Yes', with those working towards a better world, and most importantly a better self. Finally, nourish those who speak light and love into you because it truly takes a village. There is no such thing as, 'Self-made'.

Any closing words you would like to share?

We don't have to face our shadows alone, together we can heal one another. Currently, there is a collective shift in consciousness, and we are going to have to lean on one another for support, love, and light. But the inner work starts with you. One breath at a time.

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Interview by: Samuel Thompson

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