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Love Wins! Neither 5000 miles Apart nor Covid-19 Could Separate True Love! Meet the Sedman's!

Photo by George Haro

Andrew and Gina met online in 2015 after Gina posted her music in a soul music Facebook group. Andrew who is a DJ in the UK heard Gina's music and was so impressed by her voice, he decided to reach out to her to ask her if she could send him a copy of her music for radio airplay. Gina accepted the invitation and added Andrew to her DJ pool.

For the next 4 years, Gina would send out her music to all the UK soul DJ's and Andrew was amongst the bunch. Little did they know, years later, they would find themselves, single and unattached. After a Facebook post from Gina, Andrew took notice of Gina's outgoing and free-spirited personality and positive outlook on life. After leaving a friendly supportive comment on one of Gina's threads, Gina privately messaged Andrew in response to his comment.

The two began to exchange numerous messages that only confirmed their similarities on many diverse issues. From there, they decided to personalize their conversations and call one another. They hit it off straight away and became the best of friends. Shortly after that, Gina traveled to the UK to spend time with her new best friend and to tour the UK. After spending time together, they realized they had more brewing than just a platonic friendship, they were soulmates.

As time progressed, their bond strengthened. Later, Andrew would make frequent visits to the US to spend time with Gina. At that point, it was obvious that the two were quickly and hopelessly falling in love! Although there was a 5000-mile distance, they felt their love was strong enough to withstand any roadblocks that would come their way.

During the pandemic, the two found themselves challenged in the inability to travel back and forth as they had hoped, but the pandemic actually worked in their favor as it only proved how strong their love was for one another. They learned the creative way to stay connected through regular daily skype meetings and themed dates along with frequent I love you text messages and videos of each other’s daily life activities throughout the day. Andrew and Gina realize all couples go through trials, but they chose to utilize any chance that had to make the best of the UK/US travel ban that was put in place during the onset of COVID-19.

They feel that what does not kill you makes you stronger. They were determined against all odd to stay close, in love, and connected. And it has been easy because their love for one another is solid and unbreakable! Andrew proposed to Gina in Bedford UK on a bridge across the river ooze overlooking the beautiful swans. He proposed in a very romantic traditional gentlemanly fashion getting on one knee and asking for Gina's hand in marriage. Gina accepted.

The two share many of the same interests in music as Gina is a vocalist and filmmaker and Andrew is a DJ and reality TV star on Netflix, slum landlords, and nightmare tenants. They both are Christians and love God! They also chose to be celibate until marriage to honor God in their relationship and build a strong communicative bond that will assure a long-lasting life together. They are both energetic and share a love for soul and Latin jazz music.

They plan to strengthen their bond during the marriage by coming together and expanding GNA Universal Media and working together in support of one another’s visions. This powerhouse couple is excited about their combined futures and is looking forward to growing old together.

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