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Internationally Known, Best-selling Urban Fiction Author, Tacara Wyvette Wilson, The Rise Of A Boss!

Title: Rise of A Boss

All photos are courtesy of Tacara Wyvette Wilson

Tacara Wyvette Wilson. also known as Vette Wilson, is an International, Best-selling urban fiction Author from Cleveland, Mississippi. She began her writing career in 2015, after being signed to Diamanté Publications. With 30 published novels under her pen, Vette is becoming more of a household name in the industry. Aside from being an independent and newly signed author under RWP; She is a known ghostwriter and the owner of three successful businesses: a full cosmetics and skincare line entitled “Goddess of Eden.” & Bossette Behavior LLC; A literary and consultant agency. Bossette Behaviors LLC was founded in 2020; it is the sister company to Bossette Behavior Presents, an independent publishing company based on International and National bestselling Author Vette Wilson. Though the company is small, it has professionally serviced and written for over two hundred international and national clients. Vette’s clientele list includes B-List Celebrities, Up and Coming Authors, and New York Times Best Selling Authors. Specifically detailed around the literary world, Bossette also offers Branding, Marketing, Copywriting, and Trade marketing Consultations.

A black woman who can write is powerful. What does that power mean to you? What made you want to write? When a black woman, or any woman for that matter, can take her reality and share it with thousands or millions of people, she has one powerful blessing on her hands. Writing for me isn’t a hobby; it’s not about a bag, though I am very grateful for the BAG; but it’s me having a voice and being a voice for every woman who has had her last breath taken from her, not just physically but mentally as well. Life is and will always be my reasoning behind writing. I write my pain; I write my tears and fears. However, my life is shared via every chapter of a novel I pen.

Describe your pen style in five words? What do you admire most about your pen? Uniquely Flawed, Real, and Imperfectly Perfect is how I would sum up my writing style. I say this because I write what others are afraid too. Some of the things I write may be a little too raw or blunt for some readers, and that’s okay because I am not everyone’s cup of tea, and neither is my work. I am about Real-life; not every story has a happy ending because life is not a fairytale.

Where does your creativity flow? How do you avoid burning out? Music, of course, and real-life situations, a piece of my past, my history, is placed within every novel I have a pen. If anyone wishes to teach me as a person? All they would have to do is, open up a Vette Wilson novel. I pray and take a break to regroup and refresh my mind to avoid burning out.

If you could change anything about the literary industry, what would it be? Speaking for myself, I would love to see more and more unity. We are all one big circle, trying to accomplish the same thing, and there is more than enough money for everyone to eat. The urban industry is so underrated and frowned upon, but some very gifted authors are out there. Still, some are boxed in their true potential because they fear there is nothing more significant outside of the urban book industry for their work.

You inspire so many people; how does that make you feel? Words cannot describe the humbleness I feel when others tell me how much I inspire them. I have been through a lot in this industry, both good and bad. It motivates me to keep going keep writing. I have saved many lives by sharing my health journey and spiritual and self-love journey. You never know who’s watching you or who looks forward to your day-to-day posts etc., to make it through the hours of the day.

You have recently signed to have books released under Carl Weber titled “KingPins NYC?” How did this deal come about? What do you want readers to experience when reading “KingPins NYC?”? Yes. My publisher/ Agent, Racquel Williams, actually presented the opportunity. Once that door opened, I wasted no time delivering what was expected of me. Carl Weber liked my work so much that I was given the honor of releasing A Kingpins NYC, which isn’t easy to have the privilege of being a part of, but it was amazing to learn that this would be my first mainstream novel. From this novel, I’d like my readers to understand the many sides to my pen and gain insight into me. Of course, I write in all genres, but Urban fiction is my passion.

There is a high cost to pursuing and pulling your vision together. What has been the most challenging part of your journey? Oh my. With each chapter of elevation, you know, you will lose a lot of yourself, which is very good because it’s usually the parts of you that are essential to your growth. I didn’t lose, but God removed seasonal people, places, and things out of my life. It hurts, of course, it does, but you cannot take everybody with you, and I had to learn that real fast! Holding on to what God himself is trying to remove will only block that newer level he has waiting for you.

You are a very accomplished author and entrepreneur. Tell me about Bossette Behavior?

Bossette Behavior was born from a conversation. An old friend of mine was congratulating me on my new journey (s), and he stated, “I’m here for all the bossette behavior.” I asked him to repeat what he said, and he did. I liked that phrase so much that I decided to brand it and make it a successful business.

What are your top five most essential elements in creating a powerful brand? Patience, Spirituality, Ambition, Knowledge, and Vision. That’s it, that’s all.

Budding authors face many challenges that can be overwhelming and, at times, complex for them to handle. What advice would you give to encourage new authors? Write Release and most of all lead. Lead by your potential and truths. Write the story, release everything you’re feeling and allow it to bleed into those empty pages and lead. Always inspire to inspire.

What can we expect from you next? I have so many business ventures I am currently working on. I have my Vegan wine business, which is still in the phase of getting everything together legally for distribution. There’s also my fashion Boutique; I have come as well. More novels will be released under my publishing company Bossette behavior presents and Rwp. More stories will be available in stores under the Carl Weber brand, so be on the lookout.

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