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Independent Soul Recording Artist, Terrie Rimson's Single, “It’s Not Worth It” Is So Worth It!

Updated: May 21, 2022

Not only is Terrie Rimson a truly gifted vocalist but she's a woman of kindness and humility! Having the pleasure of meeting an artist with all of these qualities is a blessing. In an effort to learn about her career and the music industry, I had the privilege of interviewing this future superstar. This is what she had to say.

Would you mind telling me a bit about yourself? What is your background and how did you get into music? I was originally born in Oakland, California, but my family moved to Philadelphia at age 10. As an adult, I lived in Detroit and Los Angeles; but my musical influences mostly come from Detroit. I always wanted to be in entertainment. My mother enrolled me in pageants, competitions, modeling/ acting school, music school, and even had the opportunity to be trained by my family’s close friend, Twinkie Clark of The Clark Sisters. As I got older, I continued to work on my talent to become what I am today.

What is your vocal range? My vocal range is a soprano, but I have the ability to sing soprano, alto, and tenor.

When did your professional career begin and how did it happen? My career began in 2013 with recording my first single “Zion” which was nominated for 4 Rhythm of Gospel Awards.

What challenges does having your own independent label present? I do not currently have my own independent label; however, I am associated with my son’s label Rhythm Avenew Entertainment.

In your opinion, what does it really take to “make it” in this business? The best way to “make it” in the business is to start by building a strong foundation. You must first have a true understanding of what you want, who you want to be and how do you want to achieve it. It is most important to have a strong support team that pushes you to reach your greatest potential by staying grounded and keeping a consistent flow.

In your opinion, what's the best and worst part of being an independent artist? There’s pros and cons to everything we do. Being an independent artist is filled with an abundance of freedom. However, the lack of finances can be crippling at times.

Have you ever released a song that you really thought would be a major success, but it didn’t do as well as you expected? Tell me about an experience you had like that? In the beginning, I was faced with this hurdle with each of my singles. None of them seem to reach the notoriety I hoped for, and I even questioned my place in the music industry. But, once I switched my genre to R&B/Soul, I understood that the new genre was perfect for me. Since my first R&B/Soul single, “Love Come Down,” was released in 2017, I exceeded my own personal expectations. There’s still a road to travel, but I am far from where I started.

Do you have a daytime job or is music your full-time job? I took a leap of faith to focus full time on my music.

How important is it that your friends and family support your music by purchasing and downloading your single? How crucial is their support for the success of your career? All positive support is good for the soul, and morale and is motivating. However, when close friends and family show support, it gives an added stamp of approval. Their support isn’t necessarily crucial for the success of my career, instead, it adds to the positivity that’s already within me.

How do you feel about the concept of likes and dislikes on an artist's social media music-related post? In your opinion, is that an accurate assessment of the artist's talent, worth, or ability? I don’t have an opinion about the likes and dislikes on an artist’s social media. We live in a world where everyone is entitled to their own opinion or way of thinking. I learned a long time ago that everyone will not like what you offer, but there is always a group that is in love with your creations. The opinions of others have never been and will never be a direct reflection of an artist’s talent, worth, and ability. It is important that each artist must have an unwavering self-assurance deep within.

What have people who have heard your music say about your vocal style that sets you apart from other vocalists? Most people describe my voice as powerful, melodious, captivating, and filled with a tremendous amount of love. Many have said they are uplifted, inspired, and blessed. Depending upon the song, my voice has been referred to as a timeless sound.

If you can speak to your fans from your heart and tell them one important thing that you want them to know about being an independent artist, what would it be? It is important for artists to be authentic. Everyone is looking to mimic a sound or someone they admire, but it is not truly who they are. People will show respect and show support for someone that displays their truest form. From the heart, shine your authentic light and watch the right people gravitate toward you.

What advice would you give to new artists entering the changing industry? Prepare to work hard. This is not an industry you can grow overnight. It takes dedication, patience, prayer, determination, and hunger. Be fully aware that you will not quickly see results. But, if you are consistent, your work will be appreciated by many.

If you can speak to DJs from your heart and tell them one important thing that you want them to know about being an independent artist, what would it be? Support the artist you don’t know by playing their music. DJs are the link to greater success.

How would you describe your music to those who have never heard it before? My music is simply about love and directly from the heart. It possesses the ability to show the soul of a lyric.

Do you write and produce your own music? Yes, I write my own music, but my son, DJ DRim (Deryck Rimson), produced my entire debut album, “Threads of Love,” and my current single, “It’s Not Worth It”. However, I am looking to expand and possibly co-produce on my sophomore album.

What does it really feel like to be an Independent Artist? Share your heart with our readers? To me, being an independent artist is filled with a tremendous amount of liberation, and freedom and it is a direct connection to my heart. Though, it can be filled with many obstacles that can sometimes make you question your existence; I would not trade the opportunity to produce my own thoughts in music for anything.

How do you prepare yourself mentally for public opinion (either positive or negative) when you’re preparing for a new song release? Once a song has been recorded, I do not prepare for anything other than its advertisement. All I can give to a song is my best. Although I do pray that the public can feel my heart, but it isn’t something that I must prepare to receive. I believe there will always be a group of people that are meant to hear my music and it is those people I focus on.

Have you ever felt so discouraged in this business, for whatever reason, that you just wanted to throw in the towel? Thankfully, I have never gotten to that point. There are moments when I hoped things would progress at a faster pace, but I stay consistent knowing that the right moment will come. Once I say a little prayer, I am good. Also, I must give props to my support team. Their support and the faith I have inside are what keep me positive.

How many singles/albums do you have out presently and what is your favorite album/song to date? In my entire career, I have eight (8) singles and one album. I enjoy all my songs and it is hard to pick only one. But, if I had to choose, my favorite would be “Say You Love Me” from the debut album, “Threads of Love.” Though it is a cover, that song has been in my heart since I first performed it in High School at the Miss Overbrook Pageant.

Tell me about your latest album/ song and what was your inspiration behind it? Is it out now and where can people buy it? My latest release is simply titled “It’s Not Worth It.” I wanted to write a song that could be relatable and remind men and women of their worth. My son, DJ D.Rim, came to me with a storyline, a hook and a concept that spoke to me. At some point, all of us have been in a relationship that almost killed us mentally, physically, and emotionally. I wanted to project a positive word to everyone and let them know that their heartache, “It’s Not Worth It.” “It’s Not Worth It” is available for purchase and streaming everywhere online (i.e. Spotify, iTunes, Youtube, etc). It is currently being played on the radio throughout the United States as well as overseas in France, UK, Italy, and Germany.

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