Gold/Platinum 4XGrammy Nominated Artist, Oleta Adams, The Voice, The Piano, The Woman Behind It All!

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Oleta Adams has worked with artists such as Tears for Fears, Phil Collins, Michael Bolton, Luther Vandross, and many others throughout her career. She is unique, and her stage presence, class, and voice are unmatched! Oleta Adams started her career as a gospel artist, later transitioning to singing soul, R&B, urban, and popular music. The platinum-certified Circle of One and the hit single "Get Here" became unofficial anthems of the 1991 Gulf War, as well as many couples experiencing location separation around the globe. Oleta Adams continues to be an inspiration. I had the pleasure of catching up with this fantastic artist to talk about her life as a recording artist. Here's what she shared.

Good morning, is this the beautiful, fabulous, amazing Oleta Adams?

Absolutely! That's very sweet of you; thank you.

You're so welcome. I am a fan of your music, and I think your voice is incredibly unique and melodically soothing. It’s truly an honor and a privilege to speak with you today. Well, thank you very much.

My pleasure! So, Ms. Admas, where are you from? I'm from the Pacific Northwest. I was born in Seattle and raised between Seattle and Yakima, WA. Growing up, I enjoyed doing the things that normal kids do. I grew up singing and directing in my father's church.

How old were you at that time? At the age of 11, I started directing four choirs at our church. I played the piano for all the church services, so that's how I acquired my skill. I enjoyed singing in choirs, at school, and around town. One of my high school teachers mentored me, the music teacher who got me into the business and trained me vocally. From that point, I played all around the Country.

That's awesome! Let me ask you, what does a typical day look like for you? Typically, I start each day with my husband. We enjoy drinking coffee or tea together in the morning and discussing his strange dreams. (laughs)

He’s a dreamer? Yes, he’s a dreamer. (laughs) It’s amazing how my husband vividly remembers all the details. I sit there and listen; I fix the coffee, then we sort our day. Taking care of the housework comes first for me.

Before practicing for a project, I must complete my household chores. Then, I go to my studio to sing and practice. My schedule sometimes includes writing charts, but whatever's on my agenda, I'll get it done after I've completed my chores. When I have interviews, I'll schedule them as early as possible. Work stops around 5:30 or 6:00 pm in the evening, and we come together for dinner.

Dinner is mainly prepared by who? He fixes dinner.

Awesome! Yes, of course. Following dinner, we watch a movie to calm ourselves down. We usually go to bed early; however, I like to stay up late, so it takes me a while to fall asleep. As soon as we wake up the following day, we restart the whole process.

Wow, that's awesome! My husband is also a dreamer, and some of the dreams he told me, are mind-blowing! Sometimes I'll say, let's pray about this and see what God is trying to say here. Right, exactly!

Some of His dreams are bizarre and scary but so are mine sometimes. They're so crazy sometimes you're even afraid to say anything because you don't want your spouse to think something. You can't help what you dream about. (laughs) Yeah, and then I sit there saying, “well, you know I would never do that. He says, “I know, but in my dream, that’s what you did.” (laughs)

I know you're like, “stop looking at me like that!” (laughs) Exactly! What's strange about dreams is that sometimes you can carry those feelings around all day.

Yeah. You walk around feeling weird and strange all day long.

Exactly, it's just crazy! From my understanding, most dreams combine the many things that go through our minds daily. At the same time, I believe God can speak to us through our dreams and warn us of future things. I find it relatively easy to shift through my dreams because if they make no sense and have no connection to anything I can recall, those are usually nonsense dreams.

The only dreams I pay attention to are those that are fluid. Nevertheless, dreams remain one of life's greatest mysteries.

When that happens, I'll ask God to reveal what He is trying to communicate. Now the dreams where the eyeballs grow out of the arms; that's crazy! (laughs) That's right, it's like, what movie did you watch? (Laughs) Usually, we can pick up bits and pieces and attribute them to a commercial or movie we've watched or a previous conversation. Sometimes things get caught in our subconscious minds, so it's nice to track them down. However, there is a whole lot of trash to be emptied.

You mentioned earlier that you are a pastor's daughter and grew up in church. Was there ever a time in your teens when you went through a season of rebellion? Yes, I rebelled a lot. In my teens, not so much, but more so around 18 years old. That's when I said to myself, OK, I'm going to leave home to do what I want; I'm grown now.

I remember receiving my driver's license and reading the words 'adult' written on it. I showed my mom my license and said, do you see what it says right there? It says, "adult.". "She said that doesn't mean anything to me." (laughs)

Black families don't care anything about you being an adult. Regardless of how old you get, that doesn't mean anything to them. If you're still living in their home, as far as they're concerned, you're still a child. Yeah! (laughs) That's exactly right, but I left the church for about 17 years.

Coming from a fundamentalist background, I told God, "You know what? I'll get back to you when I feel capable of doing things right." At that time, I didn't fully comprehend Grace.

I did quite a bit of research and checked out other studies. Once you experience this whole spiritual life, you don't feel good on your own, so I studied metaphysics and whatever else I could find. Rather than substituting, I was seeking an alternative.

Having read many books, I came across an old book called "The Hidden Man" by E.W Kenyon that expressed grace in such a beautiful way that our church didn't explain it. Grace has never been taught as comprehensively as I learned in this boo