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Gina Sedman, A New Name, A New Love, & New Single "Fallen" Coming April 12th

Gina Sedman’s, “Fallen” bring love to a hurting world

Throughout the years, Gina Sedman who was formally known as Gina Carey has been known for her ability to write songs that cut deep to the heart of her listeners. Gina's approach to writing has always been about authenticity. Her new single, "Fallen" is no exception to the rule. Recorded using all live instruments, to date, " Fallen" may be one of the most emotionally moving songs ever written and performed by Gina.

Ann Tart: How did this song come about?

Gina Sedman: "First and foremost, I never write any songs unless I have inspiration. I truly believe in " keeping it real". Writing a song without inspiration is like trying to fix a car and don't have a clue what to do. You will just stare at the car for hours but get absolutely nothing accomplished. It's the same with trying to write a song and doesn't have anything to say. You will just stare at the computer for hours. You can throw something together but it will not be beneficial to you or your listeners. Music is something that can cut so deep into the hearts of people. Everything I say, I want my words to have meaning. I want to write songs that tell my life's story in hopes that someone will be able to relate. "

Written, arranged, and produced by Gina Sedman, her brand new single, " Fallen " loaded with live instrumentation from stellar musicians such as, Peewee Hill (double bass and drums) whose musical credits include Thelma Houston, Billy Preston, Monica, Twenty-one Pilots, Freddie Stone ( Sly Stone's brother), Chester Thompson, his daughter Judith Hill, and many others. Her husband, Andrew Sedman (percussion) whose musical credits include the funk band, Funkshone, Soul Immigrants, Other Mirror, The Sidecut, and Fred Wesley. Live Strings are played by 22 years professional violist Romanian violinist, Mika Violin (Chelariu Mihai Mika). Although the single has crossover potential, it sets itself in the pocket of a fusion of hypnotic melodies with a soulful, jazzy afro Latin rhythmic mid-tempo ballad presentation. All vocals, lead and backing harmonies are organically sung by Gina Sedman.

Ann Tart: What was the inspiration behind "Fallen"?

Gina Sedman: "I wrote this song to my husband. This is a song about how he makes me feel. He is the most loving and amazing man I have ever encountered, and I'm truly blessed to be married to this angel. God has blessed me with my soulmate, and I want to scream it to the rooftop that I'm deeply in love with my husband. This song goes out to all those who have found their soulmates and to give hope to those who are still searching".

Because Gina Sedman had the opportunity to work with some of the most top-rated musicians on this song, "Fallen", she is eager to share credit with Andrew Sedman and Peewee Hill for their creative input and better ears.

Ann Tart: Tell us about your creative team? Who are they and what role did they play in this release?

Gina Sedman: " To be blessed with the opportunity to work with an incredible creative team on this particular song, it was amazing! Sometimes after hours of producing a song, most of the time in the wee hours of the night, your eyes and ears become tired. So much so that, your ears can deceive you. Personally, I can remember times I've acted on my own, and when I listened back years later, I cringe.

Having a second or third set of ears is always wise, but you have to pick a creative team of individuals that have your best interest at heart., not haters. There is a difference. Good people will make positive suggestions, haters will rip you down no matter how good it may be. A creative team in my eyes is a small group of music lovers, musicians, radio personalities, etc that are willing to allow you to bounce your ideas off of and they will make positive suggestions, giving you a few tools for consideration while your producing. your song. On this project, personally, my creative team consists of 2 people besides myself. I could not have made this song without the creative guidance, talent, and input from these amazing musicians, Andrew Sedman and Peewee Hill. Nobody is great by themselves. If you're wise you will reach out to others to make sure you are sounding your best! They were amazing in adding so much amazing advice and making sure that when I put this song out, it was the best it could be and I'm grateful for them loving me enough to care."

Ann Tart: What's next for Gina Sedman?

Gina Sedman: I think I would have to say, whatever God tells me to do is what will be next for me. I never know. I just wake up with inspiration. Sometimes it's a film, sometimes it's a song. I never know. I'm just grateful that God gave me the desire to be creative.

Gina Sedman "Fallen" will be available for download on her website on April 12, 2021. To purchase " Fallen", visit her official website at

Gico Music Studios: In palm Springs, CA

Double Bass & Drums: Peewee Hill

Lead backing vocals & keys: Gina Sedman

Percussion: Andrew Sedman

Live Strings : Mika Violin real name is Chelariu Mihai Mika

Written, produced arranged & Mixed by Gina Sedman

Record company: Gico Music, a partner of GNA Universal Media (C) 2021

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