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"Gina Carey", My Destiny, Win's The Bright Star Award For "Best Soul / R&B Single in the UK!

On Sunday, January 30, 2021 " Gina Carey" won the " Bright Star Award" for her #1 hit Single, My Destiny" a song which she wrote and produced in 2020. In her category, she competed against many talented independent soul artists.

in 2015, Gina took a pause from her music career to start her own film company, " Gina Carey Films". After a successful run in the independent film world and the launching of serval media-based companies, Gina realized that she missed recording music. But, after being gone from the independent soul scene for so long, she noticed that the independent music scene had changed drastically. Being unsure that her sound would even be accepted in this new era, she held reservations about jumping back into the music scene once more. Little did she know that after being on hiatus, she would develop a fresh and new perspective on life and love. Meeting her soulmate, who happens to be the percussionist heard on " my Destiny", Andrew Sedman, gave her the inspiration to write again.

Andrew was a long time fan of Gina's music and had been playing her music for years on his radio show before formally meeting Gina. He encouraged her to record again. Later she found the inspiration to write a love song to " Andrew" after the two fell in love. Unbeknownst to both Gina and Andrew, "My Destiny" would rise to the top of several UK charts and touch the hearts of many listeners worldwide.

Gina refers to The sound of " My Destiny", as a world sound because every live instrument played on that track came from musicians from around the globe. Isreal. Spain, Africa, The UK, Italy, and America. " My Destiny" was written and produced by Gina Carey and mixed and mastered by Brian Porter of

Gina is grateful to God for blessing her with the ability to write love songs that challenge listeners to love in a much deeper and meaningful way. She is also grateful for all the DJ's who continued to support her music. She was blessed to have JM Soul break her single into the UK market and from there, it took off. Many promoters and DJ's got behind to song and pushed it right straight to the top of numerous radio charts in both the UK and Brazil.

About The Bright Star Awards

Sly, (Founder & CEO), "The Bright Star Awards is an urban music award. It is the brainchild and concept of Sly of Colourful Radio. The Bright Star Awards recognizes and celebrates the best of UK and international Soul & Reggae for the year.

Because of the pandemic, this year Bright Star Awards was held online via Zoom. The event was no less professional. In fact, it turned out a thousand times better as artists and onlookers from around the globe tuned in to watch their favorite artists perform and receive their awards. This year's "Bright Star Awards" were sponsored by, Westerhall Rums UK, Island Delight, JUICEBURST & Colourful Radio. Sly also gave recognition to his amazing support team, Janusz Miarka / Janusz Miarka photographer - member of AOP, Bright Star Awards team including Floriane McBain, Wayne Marshall, Sonia Poleon, Steven Edgehill, and Smooth C.

Gina is currently working on new songs that will Inspire listeners worldwide to love. "My Destiny" can be purchased online all most online outlets including Amazon and Itunes under the name, GINA


Colourful Radio & Bright Star Awards

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