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Gina Carey Films, "The Diary" to Premiere on NDME TV January 15, 2021

Updated: May 26

Gina Carey Films, a partner of GNA Universal Media, announces the 4th Episode of the “Behind Closed Doors” TV Drama Series, "The Diary" on January 15, 2021

Gina Carey Films in association with GNA Universal Media is set to premiere the 4th episode from the “Behind Closed Door” series, “The Diary”, Staring, award-winning actor, Stacy Casaluci & Michael Keller. "The Diary" will premiere on the NDME TV Network, (a partner of GNA Universal Media), on Friday, January 15, 2021, at 7 pm.

Gina Carey Films 1st TV Drama Series, "Behind Closed Doors”, are a series of 10 to 30-minute fiction-based dramatic shorts depicting real-life experiences that everyday people encounter daily behind the closed doors of their own homes.

“The Diary,” tells the story of empty nesters and longtime married couple, Bryce and Sherry Smith who struggle to find the love that once was. Although Sherry tries desperately to get Bryce’s attention by resorting to the sexy red dress bait, she soon realizes that their marriage may be too far gone. One day, while Bryce is home alone, he spots Sherry’s sacred diary. Although he knows it’s wrong, he can’t resist the gravitational pull on his curiosity to take a sneak peek at his wife’s deepest darkest secrets. Bryce will soon find out that snooping has serious consequences. Once Pandora's box is open, what will Bryce do about what he finds out written in the pages of “The Diary”. "The Diary" is a family faith-based movie about the dangers of being too busy for the ones we love.

This powerful drama is intended for audiences over 13. “The Diary” is written, produced & directed by Gina Carey. “Behind Closed Doors” is an ongoing series with more episodes to come in the coming months.

Gina has an unquenchable passion to produce safe cinema. She uses her gift of screenwriting to inspire, encourage, and shine the spotlight on social issues that impact our society today. Her goal is to bring a message of hope, love, and light through cinema.

"Gina Carey's filmography includes, "The Unexpected", "Aspire to Inspire", "The Assumptions", “The One Year Pact”, “Rose England”, “Acts of Kindness”, “The Star Connection”, “Billy Jones” “Equally Blind”, “Same Difference”, and The Diary”, coming January 15, 2021. Her television credits also include talk shows, “Curiosity and Tell My Story” All written, produced, and directed by Gina Carey.

“The Diary” will be available online on NDME TV or stream from your smart tv on the NDME TV YouTube Channel on January 15, 2021 @7pm. For additional information, visit

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