Geoff and Donna Dean and Putting God First in Their Marriage

What are the name of you and your spouse?

Donna Dean & Geoff Dean

What are your occupations?

Donna is a director of training in corporate America and Geoff is a PGF Golf Professional

Do you have children/ Grandchildren, if yes how many?

Together the Deans have 3 children, beautiful children. Two boys, one girl, and 2 grandchildren.

What would you say is the secret to a long happy marriage?

Both Geoff and Donna believe that putting God first and doing everything out of your love for one another, is the key ingredient to maintaining a long successful marriage. They also believe that having mutual respect, forgiving one another's shortcomings and strong healthy communication can equally contribute to its longevity.

They believe that the words they speak to one another can either tear down or build-up, therefore they are careful to bring every, thought, emotion and words spoken to each other arguments and “every pretension that sets itself up against the knowledge of God, and we take captive every thought to make it obedient to Christ” ( Corinthians 10:5) The couple believes that in every marriage there is room for improvement. It is impractical to think that anyone will hit the mark every single time but in the times they do, you should always be humble and willing to forgive.

The order that works best in their family is, God first, their marriage second and family last. They admit that sometimes their career demands can become the center focus, but when it does, they are determined to re-configure their priorities. Serving one another and holding each other accountable is a must in the Dean household.

What was the biggest challenge you and your spouse had to endure that challenged the two of you?

The Deans believe that one of the biggest challenges marriages can face is unifying and becoming one. When two separate individuals come together and begin their martial journey, from time to time, couples will be faced with various oppositions. According to Donna, “The challenge is seeing eye to eye on things.

Recognizing the differences and not putting each other down for it. Continuing to build one another and keeping in mind that the qualifier is God. Without God helping us through our conflict, we could never have the ability to see eye to eye. Every day we have to be willing to die to ourselves ( fleshly ways of thinking) and be renewed. Every day is a process towards that. Every couple has at least 100 challenges, so, putting in the effort to come together in Christ is vital. We have made the commitment to shift in our mindset, not seeing our differences as a challenge but a journey. Because God is leading us on a journey together, the challenge becomes the journey.”

How do you resolve conflict?

According to Geoff, “We resolve the conflict by stepping in the other person's shoes, seeing how that person sees it. Get to know how they feel about the situation. Not discounting how she feels. Give value to each person’s perspective with empathy, be quick to listen and slow to speak. You don’t always have to agree but always need to seek understanding through compassion. Step beyond agreeing and rising above that and finding ways to understand things. The goal is how can I have compassion for how he sees it’.a

What advice would you like to share with newlyweds?

The Dean’s believe that keeping the romance going while married is a top priority. According to Geoff, “Don’t stop dating your wife. Have fun with each other and laugh, don’t take yourself too seriously, take your time and enjoy the moment. Do not make major changes all at once. Don’t be under pressure to mold yourself into society. Let the marriage walk begin.”

According to Donna, “Laughter.

Find things that will create an atmosphere of laughter. Stay committed to each other. True Godly love is founded on love.” This beautiful couple has taken their marriage vows that they've made before God, their family, and their friends seriously. They are 100 percent committed to loving each other and walking the martial journey with each other for life, period. They urge newlywed couples to follow that example, the biblical example of marriage and that is commitment until death do us part. According to Donna, “ No matter what I am committed to Geoff. Embrace that true love equals commitment. True love regardless.”