From the Military to Hollywood, Feature Film Actor, "Carlton Caudle" Uses Acting as Therapy!

Tell me about your background?

I grew up in Austin Texas. I was born at Bergrstrom Air Force Base. Which was not closed a few years ago and became the Austin international airport. Funny how things change in time and other things will stay the same.

My dad was in the Air Force and my mother was a preschool teacher at our church. I would say I had a normal upbringing. From the earliest time, I can remember I was on stage. I love to sing and I love to play instruments. And I mean by instruments banging on a triangle loudly. But by the time I was five years old my mother put me in piano lessons. Which I truly enjoyed and stayed with even today I enjoy playing the piano. I was born an entertainer.

I sang in church and in the local mall at Christmas. I played piano anywhere someone would listen to me. That means in my school, church, nursing homes, and the occasional impromptu concert and all my friend's houses it had pianos growing up. By the time I was in elementary school I was doing plays for local theaters. By the time I graduated high school I had done over 20 musicals and several plays. After high school though I join the military and did not pursue my dream of being an actor. Are used to lay awake at night wishing on a star if I could move to Hollywood and just be discovered. But I did nothing about it. I joined the military and chose a life of service over entertainment. Well, until just a few years ago in my late 40s had an opportunity to be in a film. It was a life-changing experience. Long time overdue. And since then I’ve pursued my dream of being an actor.

What inspired me to be an actor?

I think my greatest inspiration came from watching films when I was a child. My greatest all-time favorite actor to this day was, Danny Kaye. Are used to dream that one day I would work with him on a film. He could sing, dance, tell a story, his face contorts in 1000 directions... and one minute he would have you laughing in the very next moment he would have you crying. He conveyed emotions through his acting. I wanted to be that kind of actor. It took people from where they were and transported them to a world of make-believe and touch their emotions.

Why acting? What intrigues you about it?

I love acting and everything about it. I love studying a character. I love becoming that character. I love acting out as somebody else. My favorite is when I get to wear someone else’s costume or clothing so I’m completely lost in the role. I love and I don’t have to be Carlton. Whether it’s a gangster or a real person out of history I can transport myself to aid another place both physically and mentally. As someone who suffers PTSD from Iraq and Afghanistan, I have to tell you, acting