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"Courageous Love" Film Director, Daniel Knudsen, to Release New Movie, "Dinosaur Cove"!

Updated: May 5, 2022

Creed of Gold, Skydog ,Christmas Coupon Feature film producer & director, "Daniel Knudsen" known for amazing family movies such as, Creed of Gold, Skydog ,Christmas Coupon, The King's Messengers, Courageous Love, Dinosaur Cove, and many others! He is literally taking family films to a much higher level! He is also a co-founder of Crystal Creek Media, an independent film studio where they specialize in quality family entertainment. It was an honor to speaking with Daniel! Daniel was warm and super friendly! interviewing him was a great pleasure! Daniel shared a few bits and pieces regarding his film journey. Here's what he shared.

Tell me a little about your background? What do you do in the film industry? Where you are originally from and how did that journey lead you to where you are located today? I began working in the film industry when I was seventeen. My friend was part of a movie being filmed near Orlando and he got me on the project as a production assistant. I’m originally from Detroit, Michigan. After college I started producing and directing my own features.

What inspired you to be a filmmaker/ director? One of my dad’s coworkers had a friend in the film industry. I heard stories through them, it fascinated me that real people were involved in the movies you saw in the theaters and the shows you saw on TV.

What are some of the things you love about filmmaking/ directing? Working with people. I love getting to meet new people and share stories. Directing is the dream job if you love doing that.

What are some of the struggles and hurdles that you find in filmmaking directing? The most difficult thing about working in the arts is making money doing it. There are so many things competing for people’s time & attention, it’s difficult to get them to engage in your artwork so you can earn a living doing what you love. As a filmmaker this has really forced me to think of my artwork in a marketing sense. How do we make films that people will want to watch? I’ve been learning and getting better at it. A recent film I directed (Courageous Love) got over a million views on YouTube.

Now that we have talked about struggles let’s talk about the opposite of that. What are some of the high points you have had in your film journey? Making some of my best friends as a result of working in this industry.

Do you see yourself being in the filmmaking industry for the rest of your life? This is my happily ever after, hope to stay here.

Do you come from a gifted family as well or are you the only one? I am the only one in the family working in the entertainment industry, though I feel the others are more gifted than I am.

What are your future plans regarding your filmmaking career? Some of my filmmaking buddies and I are hoping to get a deal to do a series. We’ll see what happens.

If you could give advice to someone just starting off in the movie industry, what would it be? Work hard, network, make connections, and have fun. Years ago, I was acting in a scene with John Rhys-Davies (he played the role of Gimli in The Lord of the Rings). It between takes he told me this; “Treat every project as if it is your last. Do your best work and have fun! There are ten thousand people who want our jobs. Today the phone is ringing, but there is no guarantee on tomorrow.” I don’t think I could offer much better industry advice than that. As a bonus it sounds awesome when you hear if from his epic voice.

Daniel Knudsen Imdb:

Watch out for Dinosaur Cove directed by Daniel Knudsen

Plot Summary:

Dubbed a family adventure film, it’s centered around a young boy, Riley Harrison (Brayden Eaton), who stumbles across a top-secret project in the small town of Dinosaur Cove. Reeling from the recent loss of his mother, Riley claims he has seen a real dinosaur, to which his dad Wyatt Harrison (Jared Withrow) and love interest Dr. Starr (Holly Houk) quickly write it off as a coping mechanism for his grief. Villians, Mr. Bigg (Mo El-Zaatari) and Dr. Vandersaurean (James Pilachowski) responsible for the creature and its accidental release, try in desperation to recover it and capture young Riley before the public finds out about their diabolical plans. With the help of Riley’s new found friends Mark (Regan Miller) and Savannah (Addilyn Houk), he begins an adventure of prehistoric proportions.

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