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Community Leader, Jarvis Crawford is Unique!

Tell us about your background and upbringing? Where are you from & Where are you currently living?

I was born and raised in the Palm Springs area and currently reside in Desert Hot Springs.

What type of work do you do and what positions do you hold on these jobs? 

I do a lot of work. My work ranges from community work/volunteering, working with the First Baptist church as Deacon, trustee and teacher, and the job that pays is with the City Of Palm Springs as a community center manager for the department of parks and recreation.

What is your educational background? 

My educational background consists of graduating from Palm Springs high school, graduating from Langston University where I received a bachelors of science degree in computer science, and studied business management and leisure and lifetime management. Since then I have took in many classes and workshops through my church as well as recreational training.

Tell me about your primary function and how you use your talents to serve your community? 

As a community center manager I am able to work with all areas of the community from local neighborhood groups, local churches, schools, recreational activities and special events.

How has your community benefited from the services you contribute to your community?

One of the biggest benefits the community has seen through the services I contribute is the annual Palm Springs black history month activities. These activities range from youth activities, community awards galas to a parade and town fair for all communities to participate.

Were there ever times when you felt overwhelmed in your efforts to serve your community? 

Yes, there has been many times when I have felt overwhelmed with serving the community. When putting on any large scale events such as a backpack giveaway or even a small event such as an adult basketball tournament, the pressures of making sure in activity goes on without a problem is always in the back of my mind.

What are some of the challenges you face in doing what you do daily? 

Some of the challenges of what I do daily is not being able to please everyone, being able to share positive information to folks and make sure they are receiving it correctly in currently dealing with the COVID-19 issue that is holding our world at bay.

What caused you to become so passionate about the work you do? What was and still is your driving force? 

As a youth growing up in the Coachella Valley they were many times I was shown opposition as well as being in a low income community and household I knew I wanted better for myself & the community I served. My driving force is when I look and see many things has not changed in the community and there is a lot more positive work that needs to be done.

What’s next for you?

The next big thing happening for Jarvis is being able to adjust and bring some normalcy back when this pandemic has ended.

What would you like to share with the public that makes you Unique? 

What makes me unique is that I chose to come back to my community after college to give back.

What are the lessons that you've learned through your experiences that you would like to share with everyone? 

Learn to work with all types of people from all walks of life and  do not judge them.

Any closing words you would like to share?

Work on being the change that makes others around you and the society you live in great and by Doing this you too will be great babies you did great things for others.

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