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Canadian Pianist and Producer "Eddie Bullen" Encourage Others To Never give up on Their Dreams!

Updated: May 11

As a prolific record producer, Eddie Bullen's record company Thunder Dome Sounds and publishing company QDB Music produce new music regularly. Because of his accomplishments, Eddie Bullen is, in every respect, one of the most gifted pianists, composers, arrangers, and producers of his generation. His lengthy career has yielded numerous awards and recognition. As a contemporary jazz artist, Eddie imparts Caribbean rhythms to his albums such as 'Nocturnal Affair' and 'Spice Island.'

He is known for his work with Caribbean, Canadian, and American artists, including Melba Moore, Anslem Douglas, Byron Lee, Maestro, David Rudder, Liberty Silver, Deborah Cox, and Dee Dee Bridgewater. Also, he is an accomplished composer and arranger for television, radio, and film. Love & Hip Hop (American Television Series) and Wine TV Australia have all broadcast his work.

Eddie founded Thunder Dome Sounds in 1986 to nurture youth talent through a co-op program for high school students. As an artist and as a person, Eddie Bullen thrives on challenges like these. I interviewed this talented man, and here is what he said.

Hi Eddie, thank you for this interview. Can you please provide me with a brief overview of your background? I am a pianist and producer from Toronto, Canada. I have worked in many genres as both pianist’s arraigner and producer. However, I have primarily produced music for the past 25 years.

That's awesome! So, how did your career begin? It's almost as if it was preordained. My father was a musician in the Caribbean Island of Grenada, and he loved the music he recorded for "Decca Recording Company" and had several bands as a young man. When he got older, he decided to open a music store. It was the only music store on the island.

As a child, I enjoyed listening to my father's travel stories and spending time with his musician friends. I wanted to be just like him and become a musician as well.

So, sometimes we would have jam sessions at home, and at the music store, I would hang around listening to all the great players in the country.

Some musicians who came off the tourist ships would frequent my dad's store to jam. As my dad's friends gathered for a jam session, I would wait patiently for him to ask me to play a few songs on the piano or organ for them. I wasn't a great player; however, it encouraged me to pursue and continue playing.

Eddie, how long have you been in the music business? 40 years.

What does your schedule look like? My day starts in my home gym. My workout usually lasts about 30 minutes, then I return emails and make phone calls.

Then at 10 am, I proceed to my studio at home (THUNDERDOME SOUNDS). Most days, I'll do two sessions. The first one starts from 11 am to 3 pm and the second from 4 pm to 8 pm.

Usually, I will do two performances a week with my band doing my original material.

What was the most memorable moment of your career?

One of my most memorable moments is performing in 15 cities across China with my two sons, Quincy Bullen & Tre Michael Bullen.

Do you collaborate with others in your business or singly operate your career? I collaborate with other musicians, songwriters, arrangers, publishers, and recording Companys.

Most times, I am with an artist producing an album which sometimes takes approximately two months from start to completion, and in those times, we would bring in core writers and sometimes musicians to perform on the albums. That sometimes is a daily occurrence that I am coordinating.

How does what you do contribute to the needs of others? I own a small boutique record company (Thunderdome Sounds) that handles about ten recording artists. I intend to make it a launching pad for artists who may have an excellent chance to make a name for themselves. Jeremy Sean Hector is one such artist under my label and has been doing very well on the charts over the past year. He is a guitarist who immigrated to Canada from my home country of Grenada and has been successful in the Smooth Jazz genre. He is on "Billboard," and you can hear him on Sirius XM.

Eddie, in your opinion, what steps should one take to achieve their highest potential? They first have to love and have a passion for what they're doing. One should educate themselves about all facets of the industry they've chosen to pursue. For me, it's the music business. Emphasis on Music and Business

Why do you do what you do? Because I love it, I couldn't think of doing anything else. Music has always been my passion. Though it was difficult at times, my focus and commitment never wavered.

What has been the most challenging moment in your career? One of my most challenging times was getting hired as the artistic director for a 3-day festival. I hired many of my friends who were musicians to perform for a 3-day festival. The organization contacted me on the festival's first day and said it needed funds to pay the 12 artists I booked for the three days.

I had to pay all the artists and their supporting musicians in rented theaters. I had to open a credit and get a loan from my family to ensure all my friends/fellow musicians got paid. That was very challenging for me, but you live and learn.

What do you love most about what you do? The appreciation from the artist who worked so hard to deliver a product they think their fans would like. There's nothing like getting that appreciation and acknowledgment, whether it will be the album single or live performance. And the capital hearing your conversation being played on the radio.

What compromises have you had to make regarding your career choice? In my experience, producers/promoters sometimes ask for unexpected things. They may ask you to perform for a shorter or longer time, earlier or later than scheduled. A contract may also require you to provide your equipment.

Eddie, do you consider yourself a role model to this younger generation? If so, how? This is a difficult question for me. As a role model, I aim to be an example that young people can learn from. My sons (Quincy Bullen and Tre Michael Bullen) have followed in my footsteps as musicians. They've seen me work hard and pursue my goal of becoming a good and successful musician, which transcends to friends, families, and people who believe that I've forged a path they can follow.

Have you ever had to compromise your moral values for success, and what are your boundaries? No, I have never had to compromise my moral values. If I have to compromise my boundaries, I prefer to walk away from a contract or situation. You should always set moral standards and limits for your children, especially when they look to you for guidance.


What are some life lessons you have learned while pursuing your lifelong dreams? One life lesson I have learned is always to honor your agreement commitment. If you are at fault, take responsibility for it and rectify it in the best way possible.

Could you tell us about your current and future projects, dreams, goals, and aspirations? One of my plans is to travel and perform with my son. With my oldest son, I produce Father and Son Dueling Pianos, a play in which we have a dialogue about a journey we both have taken; him being a son whose father pushed him to be the best that he could be and his father who made sure that he made all the effort to achieve those goals.

What advice would you like to give those traveling in the same direction as yourself? Never give up on your dream.

Eddie Bullen – Eddie Bullen Jazz Pianist, Composer, Producer

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