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British Actress, "Anna Sarre" Acts Her Way From The UK to Palm Springs in Gina Sedmans Film " Stuck"

Updated: May 26

Who are you? where are you from and tell me about your start in acting?

Most of the time I live in London, UK. My career for the last few years was actually as a management consultant, advising businesses on various topics. But I’ve always had a passion for acting and so came to LA last year to pursue that. I think that stemmed from growing up in an artistic family- my grandmother was a ballet dancer and my aunt was also an actor. I was always encourage in my acting when I was growing up, but I let it fall by the wayside as I moved to adulthood, started working etc. But I’m glad I decided to follow that dream again!

What made you want to take the role What role did you play in "Stuck" and what made you decide to take this role?

I played Nessa, the incredibly narcissistic and unreasonable character. I have to say, she’s basically the opposite of me so I enjoyed the challenge!

What did you like about this character?

She was fun to play because everything she did was so over dramatic and unexpected

What did you not like about this character?

Basically everything! She was totally irrational and taking everything she could from her friend.

What was the highlight moment of being in this film?

working with Gina and Lauren Was great fun, for me it was a chance to learn about being on set and how it all works. I’m still so new to the industry!

What was your favorite role ever and why?

I loved in Paris a few years ago and I played a part in a drench musical. It was great fun doing all the singing and dancing as well as acting and I opened the show with a solo which was exciting and really good fun!

What's on your plate next?

During lockdown it’s hard to get lots of good acting gigs, I’ll actually be moving to Toronto in the next few months and so I’ll be pursuing things there!

What other talents do you have?

Well I love to sing as well, I’m in a band and a choir too.

What advice would you like to give aspiring actors?

Do it for fun and don’t stress! But also, just apply for everything even if you think you won’t get it. You never know! People like Gina will give you a chance and see your audition anyway and you might impress them!

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