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Betty Daniel is Unique

I was born in Mobile Alabama in 1951 and was raised in Selma Alabama, as an adult I was waiting for the opportunity to move to California.

During the 70's I got a call from my sister in laws telling us they had a place for us to live so finally our dreams had come true we were moving to California.

My husband always talked on relocating to California we knew there was better job opportunities better health care and my family in California had informed us of all the information they had gathered.

Our first resident in California was nice it was a 2 bedroom townhouse in Redland California the neighborhood was clean the neighbors were friendly the homes was designed different a complete change from Mobile Alabama.

It feels so amazing to be here in California feels like an open door to my dreams I know God heard my prayers. I'm overwhelmed with Joy. (Mark 11:24)

The thoughts of my past growing up in Alabama now gives myself terrifying nightmares I'm not able to watch movies like Roots The color Purple nothing relating to racism nor prejudice behavior being act out on the television. I suffered beyond repair the older I get I realized how Blessed my family were to survive the hangings, killing of innocent people the threats everywhere we went they would burn crosses in the yard while yelling out evil words we were being tourmented and it felt like no one could help us our parents protected us the best way they could but the plantation man name was Mr. Jesse Hanes he was evil he controlled everyone. I don't remember adzactly when or how my parents found another job but we had a home off the plantation yet as I think about it there wasn't much difference on or off the plantation.

I disliked the segregation movement the attitudes and behavior many in our community had was a negative response to what could have been positive. While attending Nelson L. Adam's High School, I was placed in the closet by a teacher who would eat my lunch this happened for many of years until someone told my mother she visited the school and finally I was able to eat the lunch that mother fixed for me.

The only thing I liked about Alabama was knowing my family I would never live there again.

People have told me it's different now things have changed I don't believe it I know it may appear civilized but prejudice is still there. I believe my childhood was taken from me all I have are bad memories which I have affiliated that with the mental abuse I'm deal with so those that want to be there I wish them well. I would never reference Mobile Alabama to anyone I meet who wants to relocate.

Hatred is everywhere and it's to each individual to find peace within sometimes you have to move away to clear your mind so you and your family can continue on in life no it's not always easy.

Time is so precious and you have to live it to your fullest. I will stay in California until the Lord calls me home I have my funeral already written out and it will be in California.

Interview by: Evelyn Anderson

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