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Award-Winning Children’s Book Author , Mentor & Actor, "Jason Paul" Lands Leading Film Role!

Updated: Jan 24, 2022

Jason is down to earth, real and humble. I really enjoyed our conversation! What a beautiful person! I was truly inspired by this amazing man! He has a heart of gold and thinks about others before himself. Because of his own personal journey, he is truly sensitive and compassionate to those who are less fortunate than himself and that need an extra push of encouragement. He's a giver! Also, he's currently been working on some big budget projects as well as booking his first lead in a film shooting in 2022. Because of this amazingness, I wanted to know more about him and his journey. This is what he shared with me.

Jason, tell me about yourself?

My name is Jason Paul. I am the owner and creator of Jason Paul LLC. I am an actor, author, retired restaurant dude (chef/sommelier)- in all honesty, I am a simple dude with a creative mind.

So, how did you get started in the entertainment business?

A brief history? Lol. Is there ever really a brief history? I have worked tirelessly to perfect my craft. I enjoy being a part of other peoples’ journeys. I feel that it is one-thousand percent necessary to embrace other peoples’ journeys; hence, which enhances my ability to write and tell my own story. I believe you have to be a cheerleader for others to have a meaningful journey in your own life. Let’s be honest. I fell into acting and entertainment by accident.

So, Jason tells me about a moment that you'll never forget?

I was in theater in grade school doing a live performance of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. I remember freezing up during the performance. I repeated my lines over and over, took the deck of cards (a prop) and threw it down, and said, “Ah!” Someone covered my back, but it looked so great that the crowd thought it was a part of the performance! The best part? Eating the real candy off the trees when the "Oompa Loompa’s" arrived on the stage.

What was your most challenging moment and tell me about any oppositions you’ve encountered on your career journey?

There is no right or wrong way to gain success in this industry. For example, if you want to become a doctor, you complete a four-year degree, go to medical school, do a residency, and you are now a doctor. In the entertainment field, for some reason, there is no definitive roadmap for success.

Who are your influences and what was/is your motivation?

Hands down, the G.O.A.T, Michael Jordan himself. The dude was and still is a fierce competitor. I may not always be the most talented in the room, but I will outwork you. My motivation is to be the best and work tirelessly at perfecting my craft. My motivation is to listen, learn, and embrace criticism to allow me to make myself better. I seek this platform not for fame or fortune, but for all those individuals who were told they cannot make it, regardless of the field. I want to inspire individuals no matter their age, race, or socioeconomic status, that the power of your mind is your greatest asset.

What compromises have you had to make regarding your career choice?

What compromises haven’t I made. The honest truth? I have not lived a normal life as though who chose a 9-5 career path. There is no magic formula that ultimately defines success in this field. There have times when I was flat broke. There were times where I gave up seven years of acting to work 80+ hours a week to raise my daughter. I have sacrificed stability and relationships with others who did not align with my vision. Through all of this, here is what I did learn: you need to believe in yourself.

Do you consider yourself a role model to this younger generation? If so, how?

I have the ability to inspire others significantly. I believe that my God-given talent is to inspire others to use the power of the mind. It does not matter how old you are…at the end of the day, you need to measure your success based on what makes your heartbeat. When you write your music before you go to bed, you need to be able to write your song. I believe I have the ability to help others hear their songs.

Have you ever had to compromise your moral values for success and what are your boundaries?

Do you really want an honest answer? Yes, in my early 20’s while in LA…without giving too many details…. haven’t we all? With that being said, I will never shy away from my mistakes or my failures. What I have learned later in life is that the only way to obtain pure happiness and success is to bury your past and use your failures as the steppingstones for your future. My boundaries today are to trust in Him and allow Him to lead me down the path. I know to look at humans past their physicality, technicalities, and past what can they do for me. Instead, I look at them to embrace them with nothing but the best intentions, with hugs, with inspiration, with love, and encouragement. It took me a long time to grasp this concept of life.

What are some of the life lessons you have learned while in pursuance of your lifelong dreams?

Dare to be different. Embrace your quirkiness. Not everyone belongs in corporate America. Stop looking at people as to what can they do for your mentality. Instead, seek to say what can I do for them.

How has Covid 19 affected your career in a positive way?

Absolutely. I had my best year throughout Covid. It took me back to the drawing board. I had time with my family. I left the restaurant business. I had time for myself. And the rest….I am rewriting my history.

Tell us about your current and future projects?

I started the Creative Mind Foundation, a mentor program for our youth. I published an award-winning children’s book which is currently in animation development. I booked a role in an Emmy Award-winning production. I booked a reoccurring role in Vindication Season 2 and Washington’s Armor. I am training on horseback for that role. Watch out…I am just putting it out there…cowboy J is coming to town. We have a film that is on the film circuit currently. We are putting the finishing touches on a feature called Broken, (investment opportunities) Also, I am currently teaming up on another project in which I am co-producing. I booked a co-lead shooting in October. I am in conversation right now regarding a new pilot. In the meantime, I started book two and mentorship of book 3.

What steps do you have to take in order to reach your greatest potential?

Never stop believing or stop working on your craft. Take constructive criticism and don’t be afraid to look in the mirror.

What advice would you like to give those traveling in the same direction as yourself?

I am going to end this on a very simple note, "know who you are when your head hits that pillow at night".

Ok, so I have a senseless fun question for you. How do you make your funky P Funk when you want to get funked up?

Do not attempt to adjust your radio, there is nothing wrong We have taken control as to bring you this special show... I am about to sing because it's my Funky Show. The Journey of my P Funk is my willingness to let go of all of my trials to tribulations. I strive to find my inner light. Question? Will you dance to your Funky P Funk? Then do it every night! Live love and laugh. That's how I make my Funky P funk when I want to get funked up! Nobody puts baby in the corner.! Nobody! My funky p funk is my special friend. I call upon my p funk when my days never end. Through the good and bad times. My Funky P Funk never lets me be sad. Through the Do's and Dont's, My life's journey is all about the P Funk.

To learn more about Jason Paul, visit his website at

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