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Author, Producer & Co-Host of Podcast "Let’s Chat", Lissha Sadler is Taking Social Media by Storm!

Lissha Sadler is a social media manager, author advocate, literary agent, and consultant. She is also the producer and co-host on the popular podcast Let’s Chat w/ Mz Toni and Lissha. She loves to experience a person's passion for their craft. She is currently preparing for her Visions and Books Literary Affair set for April 2, 2022. Lissha is on the move to make her powerful mark in the Literary World.

Tell us about who you are and a little bit about your background?

LS: In 2012 I started doing social media promotions and services for authors and it just expanded into consulting from there. I was also doing interviews in a Facebook readers group before I started doing radio, originally I was on Real Raw Radio then branched out with the popular podcast Let’s Chat w/ Mz Toni and Lissha. I love to experience a person's passion for their craft, which I highlight on my Blog Hardcore Readers, and currently, I’m preparing for the third year of my event Visions and Books set for April 2, 2022.

Tell us about your business. What services do you offer?

My vision is to be a one-stop service agency providing different services and resources through my businesses. I’m a radio co-host and producer of Let’s Chat Radio currently we have Lets Chat Sports premiering in 2021. I’m also the head Literary Agent at Divaz Literary Agency combined with my PR and Consultant company Intriguing Moves PR. And last but not least Intriguing Pens Publications which is my publishing company we also provides literary services whether is editing, formatting, coaching, flyers, social media management, etc.

When did you decide to start your own business and why?

I like to help people push their visions forward, I love to experience a person's passion for their craft.

What would you say is the secret to a successful business?

The secret to a successful business is making sure you stay positioned around other business-minded and creative people, keeping God first, and never giving up no matter what the road looks like. Your path will always be paved, just for you. Therefore, you can go as fast or as slow and you want. Always love your position but plot your promotion.

Have you ever felt like you wanted to give up?

No, I have never wanted to give up. I get frustrated and overwhelmed but I keep going and grinding until my vision comes forth.

What was the biggest challenge that you have experienced owning your own business?

It depends on what I am trying to manifest, so challenges vary.

Have you ever experienced negativity from those closest to you? family or friends? How would you encourage those who are experiencing negativity to power through?

Yes, people only see you as having as much potential as they have and only going as far as they feel they can go. Not everybody supports you nor will they understand your vision and that is ok because God did not give it to them in the first place.

What are your future goals regarding your business?

My future goals are to have my event completely sponsored and free to readers, to finish my first 3 books, and to expand my radio brand.

What advice would you give new business owners?

Know what you know because you know it; make sure you do your research. And study your craft whether it's readings books or taking a class.

Are there and success quotes you’ve adapted that you now live by that you want to share to encourage others?

Always love your position but plot your promotion. Never hover in life always push forward.

Contact Lisa

Following her on her Social Media: FB and IG as Lissha Sadler/ MzWRP Lissha; Twitter @Lisssha

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