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24yr Music Veteran / Founder of The Indie Music Network Kenny Troy, Celebrates 10 Years in Business!

Updated: Jan 23, 2022

Tell me a little bit about your background. Where are you from and how did you get started as a Radio Presenter? I’m Kenny Troy & I’ve been in the music industry since 1998. I started my career in Philadelphia area as a dee-jay while attending Temple University. After I finished there, I moved to Cleveland, Ohio where I

met Y’akee Burns. Mr. Burns & I collaborated to establish YB Records. YB Records was an independent label, based out of Cleveland, OH, in which we signed and produced independent artists in R&B, Jazz, Gospel & Hip-Hop. The experiences of being on the label and collaborating with Mr. Burns I was able to learn every aspect of the music business. Due to changes in the music industry we eventually had to restructure our business model to cater to the new digital age. In 2008, I’ve moved to Greensboro, NC, and there I began to resume my career. In 2011, I founded The Indie Music Network which is now celebrating its 10th year. The Indie Music Network is independent digital broadcast station which features & promotes Independent Artists in R&B, Jazz & Gospel worldwide. The Indie Music Network has gradually grown since the beginning. In 2012, I established Troytown Entertainment, LLC & Troytown Productions. These companies are multi-media which provides services such as event planning, promotions, audio & video productions & more. In 2019, I founded So ’Jazzy Radio. So’Jazzy Radio is great station that plays Jazz 24 hours & 7 days a week and has been growing tremendously.

How long have you been in the game? I’ve been in the music industry almost 24 years.

What do you enjoy the most about being a Radio Presenter? I enjoy breaking new artists for the world to see & hear. There is so much talent worldwide and it’s unfortunate that most of that talent doesn’t get any exposure. Also, I enjoy meeting and interviewing the artists. Everybody has a story and in many cases these stories are testimonies of what they’ve overcome to obtain success in this music industry. In addition, I also enjoy the production aspect of creating a quality radio show. I produce the type of show that connects with the listener either by theme or by versatility. I love when listeners email us about the music and how they love our programs on The Indie Music Network. This gives me great satisfaction.

What are some of the challenges of being a Radio Presenter?

The first challenge is bringing a consistent income. What I’ve learned over the years, you must acquire more skills. I had to learn production and that ranges from voice-overs, producing commercials, video production, graphics, and other forms of media. I enhance my skills in those areas to be able to compliment what I’m already doing as a presenter. Secondly, the music industry is constantly changing and with these changes it’s difficult to maintain consistency. It’s come down to if have the finances or not. It’s extremely competitive in this industry much like the artists you have fight to be relevant.

The last thing is the technology. Technological changes hinder progress because you have to learn what’s new and that takes time. It’s put you at a disadvantage in some cases. Tell me about your most memorable time spent on Radio?

My most memorable time is when I interviewed Gerald Alston of legendary group The Manhattans. It’s not often you get to interview living legends. What made this interview great was his wealth of knowledge of the industry and the many stories about other legends he told during that interview. I wished every young artist could’ve heard that interview because there were some gems being shared. I’m forever grateful for that opportunity. What have recording artist taught you about Music that you didn’t know?

First, I’ve learned the process of a song when it’s remixed. The arrangement or contract obligations made between the producer & artist. The next I can say is recording techniques and functions of different software they use. Have you ever won any awards as a Radio Presenter?

I haven’t won any awards as a presenter, but I have been nominated in 2015 for The Prayze Factor People’s Choice Awards for Internet Radio Station of the Year & The Rhythm of Gospel Image Awards for Best New Gospel Programs in 2016.

How important is it that you support independent music and what style of music do you normally play?

I believe it’s very important that we support Independent Music. I say that the independent artist is the lifeline of the music industry. There’s always going to be that possibility of that next great artist to have the opportunity to be special in the future. The key is having the

right team of people around and great business acumen. The Indie Music Network platform is crucial to the Indie Movement because there are not that many stations playing independent artists especially in terrestrial radio. In most cases we may be the one of the few platforms playing or featuring their music for an extended period of time. The type of music we play is very positive, inspirational & expressive in the genres of Rhythm & Blues, Jazz, & Gospel much like it was in the 60’s, 70’s & 80’s. Songs had a message to it and we want to continue that legacy in these modern times. One thing that has transpired in recent times is the music has become trendy and it’s used in a negative way to influence our youth. What do say about your sets that set you apart from another Radio Presenter?

The first is the versatility & song selection. I can play various styles of music on the same set and the program will not lose it fluidity. That’s not easy to do. Also, I would say many of my programs have a theme to it. It’s almost like telling a story and it’s designed to bring a positive message to the listener. What type of music do you like?

Generally, I like various types of music particularly in the genres of R&B, Jazz & Gospel that has a message that motivates, spread love and educates those who listen in order to bring positive change in our global communities.

Who is your Radio Presenter influences?

Growing up in the Philadelphia area I used to listen to Tony Brown who did the Quiet Storm for WDAS 105.3FM. The Quiet Storm always had a theme to it and made you have a great appreciation for the music. I always liked how active he was in the local community. He was well respected and loved in the entire area.

How do you prepare yourself mentally for public opinion of your show, either positive or negative?

Well first it starts with prayer. I think it’s a great way to keep you focused on the task at hand. Second you must know who are & you have the power to leverage public opinions but choosing to respond or not. In other words, you’ve got to pick your battles.

What advice would you give to new Radio Presenters entering the changing industry?

Well first I would say learn every aspect of the Radio industry. (Programming, Radio Imaging, Marketing, Licensing etc.) Seek those who have been in the industry a long time, who’s willing to share the information you need to be successful. Always be professional and always work on your craft. Do not get into meaningless debates with other industry heads trying to prove a point. Finally build relationships with other colleagues.

What other talent do you have that your fans may not know about you?

I have great artistic ability. I can draw & paint. I’m also a great cook. I’m a creative person and have quite an imagination that will bring great value to my environment.


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