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2020 Grammy Nomination for "Best New Artist, "Selah Avery is Living Her Dream!

Tell me a little bit about who you are and where you came from?

I am from Carrollton Georgia. But I now live in Lithia Springs, which is 20 miles outside of Atlanta. My interest in music began at the age of 12 because my father owned thousands of records, cassettes, and reel to reel tapes, which he owns to this day. He would play them all the time and he and my mother would dance together.

Tell me about a moment in your career that you will never forget?

To date, my most memorable moment is my very first Grammy nomination of this year for Best New Artist! Before that it was the two times I won at the Apollo Theater in Harlem New York. Unfortunately, we have not been able to obtain any of that footage.

Tell me about one of the most difficult experiences you've encountered?

My most challenging moment happened in 2005 when I almost decided to quit singing and following my dream. After some time my faith was renewed and I pushed through. I’m glad I did.

Who did you grow up listening to?

My musical influences include Jill Scott, Erykah Badu, and Lalah Hathaway as well as Anita Baker.

Who would you have loved to work with?

Michael Jackson, Akon, Freddie Mercury, and Lalah Hathaway.

What is the last song you’ve listened to by another artist and who are your present favorites?

The last song I listened to was the song I Am Somebody by Glenn Jones. Some of my favorites include Rosa Passos and anything by Antônio Carlos Jobim. I also love jazz.

A most embarrassing moment?

My microphone went out while performing the National Anthem in a Colosseum! But I was only embarrassed for a second and pushed through. It turns out the acoustics were perfect for what could’ve been a disaster LOL my voice carried throughout the entire Colosseum and it was magical!

How many singles/albums do you have out presently and are there any projects in the works?

I have two previous projects, one called Messages In A Bottle, the other is called the Nativity Project; it is a Christmas album. Both are on Bandcamp but may be re-released after being remixed and remastered soon. As a creative and an artist there are always ideas flowing.

What are your either weird habits or traditions before performing live or recording?

I guess you can call it a weird habit, but before live performances, I jump up and down and hold my breath in an effort to release nervous energy. I also keep hot water and honey on hand to keep my vocal cords moist.

What advice would you like to give to an upcoming artist?

The advice I would give to an upcoming artist is to always always always do the music you love and let the people decide what they want from you. You can never go wrong in your creative journey of being yourself.

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