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14-year-old Film Actor, "Brayden Eaton", Lands Major Role in Feature Film, Dinosaur Cove!

Updated: Jan 23, 2022

(Bio taken from IMDB, Brayden Eaton is a young, incredibly gifted actor originally from Detroit, MI but now working out of Los Angeles. His infectious personality is sure to warm your heart. At 13 years old, his young look and shorter stature, allow him to play roles much younger than his age, yet handle larger scripts. "I love playing the roles of a younger boy, especially ones that face challenges, like my current film, which features a boy who is deaf and comes from a broken home.", explains Brayden. "Anytime you can tell the story of someone who overcomes a great challenge, it is an honor and privilege to share that story." After just one year in the industry, Brayden landed his first major role as 'Will' in Atlas Pictures feature film release, 'Traveler', which showcases his talent, due out in 2020.

Since that initial year Brayden has been in several supporting roles and was the lead in the 2021 network television film, Dinosaur Cove, directed by Daniel Knudsen (Sky Dog), playing the role of Riley Harrison. He also appeared in the Christmas network show, Miracle On Christmas, directed by Thomas Bonifield. Brayden also has extensive live stage experience appearing in regional Broadway shows as Young Simba in Lion King and James in James and the Giant Peach. Brayden also boasts talents as a hip-hop dancer, skateboarder, beatboxer, guitar player, and novice fencer. Brayden can also be seen on many commercials that have aired nationally and internationally. He is represented by Amsel, Eisenstadt, Frazier & Hinojosa Agency, and Candu Management in Beverly Hills, CA.

Hi Byaden, can you share with me your background in film? Where you are originally from and how did that journey lead you to where you are today?

I am 14-year-old kid from Detroit, MI. I’ve always wanted to be an actor, so I have followed that path to where I am now. I am still a student but also a professional actor, so my life is pretty crazy busy balancing school, auditions, and film shoots.

What inspired you to be an actor?

When I was five, I liked to watch the Disney channel and other kids' shows. I thought it would be really cool to be “in the show” instead of just watching the show. I asked my parents if I could be an actor, they made me wait until I was 10 to make sure I was serious about it. I showed them I was serious.

How do you prepare for a role?

If it’s a real-life character, I will look up that person and learn all I can about them, so I am portraying them as accurately as possible. But with any character, I will ask important questions like: “What’s this character’s motivation for what they do, how they respond to things, what’s their life like, what has happened to them to make them the way they are? ”I wear them like a coat, but when I’m done with the role, I unzip the coat and put it away.

To date, what was your favorite role?

That’s like asking me to compare grape and strawberry jelly (both are AMAZING), because I love all the roles I play. If I had to choose just one, I would say Riley Harrison from Dinosaur Cove. When you’re the lead, you have a long time to get close to your character. Although playing Armen in Pulled From Darkness was equally as fun!

What type of roles do you enjoy playing?

I like playing the underdog, the character everyone is rooting for, the one no one expects to be the winner. A character that overcomes things or betters themselves and learns how to be great.

What films have you appeared in?

Traveler, Miracle On Christmas, Pulled From Darkness, and an unnamed film.

What was your misconception of acting in film?

That I would have to audition so much. Most actors will audition for a hundred roles, get maybe 20 callbacks, then only book a couple of roles from that. You just have to roll with it and not let it get to you. Just do you. If you are auditioning to get a job, then you have already lost the role.

How was your first experience ever being in a film and or theatre?

In my first theater role, I played Young Simba in a regional production of Lion King. I LOVED IT. But, at the same time, I wanted to be in film more. So, after a couple of musicals, I moved on to film. It was a good choice for me. I LOVE film acting.

Do you see yourself acting for the rest of your life?

Yes. Some people are meant to be doctors, lawyers, business people, that’s not me. Acting is who I am and in acting, I get to do ALL those jobs eventually. HA!

Has your love for acting increased or decreased through the years? Why?

Definitely increased. Being able to play different characters, being on set, meeting and learning from other actors, doing stunt work, wearing different wardrobes, I LOVE IT ALL!

Do you have any other family members also interested in the arts?

My dad was a touring musician and is currently a music teacher. My mom sings and was in a lot of musicals growing up. My oldest brother plays bass guitar and cello.

What aspect of being an independent actor is the most rewarding and what part would you find the most challenging?

Being an independent actor allows me the chance to be a part of some amazing productions, but the hours are long and I have to be careful what roles I accept. But I do enjoy having a lot more opportunities to do what I love.

What are your future plans regarding your acting career?

To keep learning, keep getting better, and would love to be involved with projects of some of the actors I have looked up to for so many years.

Do you plan to become a sag/aftra actor/actress or are you just fine with being a free spirit independent actor?

I look forward to joining SAG this fall after my role in Of Myth & Legend.

What do you feel that are the positives and negative aspects of becoming a union actor?

I look forward to the wonderful opportunities and roles that are ahead in joining but will miss being able to do independent films.

Have you ever produced your own film and if yeas, tell me about it?

No, not yet. I have lots of ideas, though. Someday.

What’s next for you?

Preparations for Of Myth & Legend with horse riding training, more auditions, film releases and festival appearances, another couple of independent films, and finishing the 8th grade!

If you could give advice to someone just starting off in the movie industry, what would it be?

Surround yourself with amazing people you can trust. Always keep learning. Be a good listener both on and off the set. Be grateful.

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