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10 years-old kid Entrepreneur & Master Baker, "Nicole Katie Cummings" Sings & Dances to Her Cakes!

Updated: Jan 23, 2022

In a world where many young people focus on social media and self-gratification. This boss baker is focusing on her future. While many focused on the woes of the pandemic, she used her time wisely by creating her own baking company. Katie cakes.

Being only 10 years old, Nicole Cummings is on her way to major cake baking success! Although there are many young people going in the wrong direction, Nicole is not one of them. She has her head tightly screwed on her embracing her God given assignment, charging forward at lightning speed to accomplish all that God has created her to accomplish.

I think it's important that we as adults support our young people and their efforts to do positive things. Check out what this 10-year-old boss baker and mover and shaker is doing.

Hi Nicole, I'm so proud of you! Tell me a little about who you are and what you do?

Hello, my name is Nicole Katie Cummings. I am a 10 years-old kid Entrepreneur that bakes cakes. The name of my company is “Katie’s Cakes” Twist of Soul Dessert. I am a fourth-year Home School Student at the Tonya Cummings Academy. My favorite subject is reading.

That's awesome! Sounds like you are a super talented and intelligent young lady! Can you share with our readers what are the ingredients that makes your delicious cakes taste so amazing?

Well, all my love & happiness goes into each cake that is baked! Each homemade cake is made with love and simple ingredients. I want my customers to feel love and happiness when they eat a slice of cake. When I am baking cakes, I love to sing to my cakes, it makes me happy. Also, I like to dance to my cakes, it gives me joy.

Wow! how nice! There are many businesses that aren't customer service friendly. It's wonderful to hear that someone as young as yourself not only cares about your customers but care about the quality of your product. And you sing too? Wow! You are amazing! Tell me about the feeling you had when you first received payment for your cakes?

Well, on June 2020, my mother and I went to our local Post Office to drop off a package. I was speaking with the postal worker, and I told her that I baked cakes. She then said, “I will be right back”. She returned with $20.00 and told me to bake her a cake. So, my mother and I came home and did just that we baked her a, "Lemon Love Pound Cake". This moment officially started Katie’s Cakes.

That's amazing! What are your future plans?

My future goals are to study culinary in Paris as a Chef and to open a restaurant.

Currently, how are you selling your cakes?

My first community event was at the “Juneteenth Celebration” in Fredericksburg, VA. I sold out of Lemon Love and Always Almond Pound Cake Slices. Even Delegate Joshua Cole was impressed with my Pound Cakes. Thereafter, I was able to book events at Chalk N More in Fredericksburg, VA; The Long Farmers Market in Stafford, VA; and FXBG Black Restaurant Week in Stafford, VA.

That's great! Sounds like you have allot of community support.

Yes, I am grateful for my community and customers for supporting Katie’s Cakes. Even some of the local restaurants have been receptive in allowing their customers to try Katie’s Cakes.

That is great! I hear you've been on the news and other media outlets? Tell me about that?

Yes, I have been interviewed by Black News Channel (October 26,2020 Ladies First), I was interviewed by Free Lace Star (November 23, 2020 Business Section), and my last interview was with Inside Nova (Stafford Magazine) ,, feature in the ShoutOut Atlanta, The Social Institute, VoyageATL, and Fox 5 News in April of 2021.

Katie’s Cakes is still baking cakes for her local community, but she also created her own Katie’s Cakes Master Class to teach kids her how to bake a homemade pound cake.

Wow! That's amazing! Now what is this that I hear that you are having a master class? Can you tell us about that?

Sure, my "Master Class" is called, "Katie’s Cakes Master Class and it is a step-by-step, kid friendly, do it yourself baking class for kids 8-12 years old.

I'm sure your Master Class session will be super successful! I believe even adults may sneak on your site as well. How can our readers find out more about your classes?

Sure, they can visit our website for Katie’s Cakes Master Class. They can keep up with all my new updates, newsletters, and much more at

So, the holiday season is here and I'm sure that our readers would love to order one of your delicious "Katie's Cakes". Where can they go to place an order?

They can place there order online on my website at . Oh, and I want to add, I only use the finest ingredients, Our Pound Cakes are made with simple ingredients. Butter, eggs, organic sugar, baking powder, sifted flour, flavor extract). We have a few delicious Pound Cake Flavors, Grandma Katie Old-Fashioned

Lemon Love, Patsy's Pina Colada. My pound cakes do not have glaze. *

Do you deliver?

At the present time, unfortunately we don't, but we are happy to serve our local customers with curbside pick-up.

Ebony Duff

PR Manager for Katie's Cakes

Call: (571) 469-3014


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