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Editors Notes

Meet Gina Sedman 

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Gina Sedman


It is my privilege and honor to be the CEO/Founder and Chief Editor of The Indie Post Magazine. I am privileged to be able to showcase some of the most talented artists of our time, whether well-established or up and coming. The experience I have gained in this industry has taught me that many talented creatives tend to be overlooked and underappreciated. I'm aware that I alone cannot change the world, but I'm a firm believer that each individual has a responsibility to embrace the chance to help someone other than themselves when they feel the calling to do so. As part of our mission at The Indie Post, we strive to feature all talent that is committed to demonstrating positive role models in our society and those that are doing great things even on a shoestring budget. To put it simply, our aim is to celebrate, uplift, support, inspire, and showcase the talents and creativity of all positive creatives around the world. -Gina Sedman-

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